Any issue with not checking in to park with APR?

Please forgive me if this has been addressed recently, but I didn’t have much luck searching. Hoping all you liners can answer a quick question. What happens if I have an APR for a park (for example AK) and planned to hop later to HS, but we end up not going to AK in the morning and just want to go to HS after 2:00. Will there be an issue as we do not have a APR for HS and so technically aren’t hopping if we didn’t check into our first park?

You cannot do this. You have to tap into the park you reserved before you can hop.


You can change your reservation at the last minute though, assuming availability, right?

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Yes, you can try and modify your park reservation. GS might be helpful too if you need them.


Thank you everyone! I thought there might be a problem trying to do it that way. I knew you all would be able to help.

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