Any intel on end date for Paint the Night?

I was supposed to be able to make dining package reservations yesterday for Sep 12, but it’s not showing any availability after the 5th. I’m going to be so mad if I miss it by 6 days! We can’t really move our trip up because it interferes with work stuff.

Hi. The 60th celebration ends on September 5th so Paint the Night and the DL Forever fireworks may be ending. It doesn’t look like Disneyland has released hours for September yet, and also they are notorious for releasing dining packages closer to 30 days out, so there is still hope! Hope it works out for you. Halloween time starts 9/9 though, so you will get to see the festive decor.

Ok, I won’t pout yet then. :slight_smile: Still worried, though. It’s very suspicious…

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The schedule could also move to something like weekends only, and be a reduction rather than totally ending the entertainment that came with the 60th.

They are keeping information about all the 60th shows under tight wraps that’s for sure!! We have loved all 3 of them so we have been keeping our fingers crossed that at least 1 or 2 of them is kept. I have a hard time imagining they will do away with PTN but I definitely expect (as stated above) it to become a weekends only event after the 5th, which is normal for night shows in the off season.

Hmm… if they had it on Sunday, we could see it the day we fly in maybe.

It looks like it’s not coming back for a while after the 5th; there are no scheduled runs the following weekend (through Sunday Sept. 11th). There are fireworks listed, but “Fireworks at Disneyland Park”, not “Disneyland Forever”.

Rumors on MiceChat suggest that it may be gone except for big holidays; it’s apparently a bit of a maintenance hog, and hard on the performing cast.

HM is listed as being back up on the 9th, in Haunted Mansion Holiday theming.

I had originally planned my first serious multi-day outing to DLR for mid-September. I had to completely retool my vacation schedule to the end of August so as not to miss the celebration versions of fireworks, world of color, paint the night, hyperspace mountain, and to avoid the haunted mansion holiday overlay refurbishment.

The Disneyland website cast member that I had an extensive online chat with two weeks ago … and her supervisor … were pretty clear: paint the night, fireworks forever, world of color - celebrate, and hyperspace mountain (indeed, everything specifically tied to the 60th Anniversary Celebration) were scheduled to end September 5.

There is, of course, no long term projection as to when any of these may reappear on the schedule.

I feel your pain.

Oh well. I can’t move our vacation any earlier due to work things going on, so I guess I’ll just have to be bummed. Maybe they’ll bring it back someday.

I don’t have any insider info but I wouldn’t be surprised to see PTN move to WDW and MSEP come back to DL. Again, I haven’t heard anything to suggest this but I would be shocked to see them shelve those floats to use only on weekends.

It’s been made official now on this article that announced 60th World of Color and DL Forever fireworks show are ending. If you scroll to the comments, mentions Paint the Night too. All discountinued after September 5th.

Hi Loraine! Hope you all are well!

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Hi Karen! Yes, busy busy at work but very well! I need to check-in you know where. I was lurking but got so busy I haven’t been remotely keeping up!

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