Any insights to Fastpass releases by DIsney?

That topic may not exactly explain the info I’m looking for…

Does anyone have a line on when the best time of day is to check for Fastpasses that have come back into the system? Does Disney release an extra amount from time to time as they want? Is there any rhyme or reason to when? Or maybe the simplest question would be, is there one time or another that is better to check to see if a new crop of Fastpasses has appeared, say midnight or 7AM ET? For those desperate occasions when it’s looking like you aren’t going to get your grandpunk on Slinky Dog and you are checking for FPs every 2 minutes and your job may be on the line if you don’t get back to work…Asking for a friend…

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I am waiting for the SDD FP that I could not get at day 63. I am hoping for additional hours and then a drop of FPs. I have found that those usually occur 1-3 days after the hours change and usually are dropped between 10-1. I always find out on chat.

I grabbed SDD FPs this AM for the last 4 in our group at about 6:45AM ET. They aren’t at the same time the rest of us have FPs for, but at least I’m able to get them on the ride. I’ll keep checking back to see if I get lucky enough to modify them closer to the time on the group’s original FPs.

Because there was only one time slot showing, I’m guessing I was fortunate to have stumbled upon someone else’s SDD FP cancellation, so I guess the timing was random, so I guess this is not really very insightful (re: my original post), but I did want to share as a follow up.

I keep seeing the advice to “keep trying” where coveted hard-to-get FPs are concerned…it appears that’s great advice!