Any info about Snow White dinner at Wilderness Lodge yet?

My 180 window for my spring trip has come and gone, and I’m wondering whether there has been any more info about when the Snow White dining experience will open. At the end of August, they announced that it would begin in “winter”. Anyone heard any rumors about this? I haven’t found any new official info, but you guys seem to know stuff :slight_smile:

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This is the only thing I’ve seen about it…

And it’s from August 30th. The whole thing saddens me. I’m sure it will be a gold mine for Disney, but AP was an excellent signature restaurant. Now it’s going become the home of mediocre mass-produced dinners with a few characters thrown in, for the same price as a really good meal would cost.


I am going to AP for the first time at the end of this month. I’ve read quite a few comments with your sentiment. But, I don’t know what I’m going to miss as of yet.

We like to do a CM or two each trip and planning on 1900 PF breakfast next trip and thought maybe this new one might be fun with the Queen, but without any info, I can’t make that decision yet. Guess I’ll just wait…

The cedar-planked salmon was the best that I’ve had anywhere - and I lived in WA for a number of years and have been to Alaska…

Well, you have me convinced–I do not need to read the menu at AP upon arrival, my order is set! :wink:

I’ve just read on chat it opens on 16th December and ADRs are available now!

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I just got one!

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When is your trip? I just checked and nothing is available on any of the 9 days I’m there. I tried to reserve “Artist Point” as I can’t find a separate “Storybook Dining with Snow White” on the dining page. Is that how you got yours?

I was able to get one during our March trip. Not great times available, but modify it is!

When in March? I just checked for our March dates and for every day I’m there, only tables for 2 are available. We have 6. I suspect that with character dining, groups of 2 will be more rare than they were at AP, as a signature experience. Perhaps they haven’t rearranged the restaurant to accommodate this yet? I could go for 2 ADRs split as a 4 and a 2 but probably 3 ADRs for tables of 2 won’t work for us. Sigh. Maybe reservation finder will come through.

and no reservations available already for our Feb trip :confused: Come on reservation finder haha!

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We only have 3, so that might be part of it.

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I just tried for March and I can’t get for our group. We have 8… I’d even take 4 on a different night, but that wasn’t available either…

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I booked through Artist Point for President’s week.

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Just called and CM says it’s messed up. They couldn’t do anything better than online. Just said keep trying.

Good to know–I will!

Here info about reservations pricing, and some examples of menu items. The food is surprisingly "signature’ for a CM; maybe it won’t be awful…


I have never been to Artist Point. Is there a lot of seating inside or is it pretty small? I have 11 people in my party, should I try to break this up when trying for a reservation?

I looked at the menu on the Disney’s website and I am glad to see more dinner options. I would probably go for the chicken, but ask to switch the brussel sprouts. My over 10 kids though would not go for the adult meals. They really do need junior pricing for these restaurants.

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