Any ideas for cool Star Wars interactions?

Hi guys,

I am looking for ideas to make meeting Kylo Ren and Chewbacca extra special for my son. I thought about saluting Kylo and telling him we found the droid in a nearby room and asking Chewie to protect us from Kylo whom we saw nearby. Any other ideas ?


My son said “bye ben” to Kylo who then chased him out of the room (it was a bit scary actually :slight_smile:) .


I will definitely call him Ben now !!!

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I would say consider the Star Wars Guided tour if you are willing to invest half a day.

IMO this is one of the best values at DWD. What you get for your money is outstanding.

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Very interested to know why.

Only because, other than being guaranteed a place for any kids for Jedi Training, I don’t really see anything that you couldn’t do yourself. What made it worthwhile to you? It would be interesting to hear a different perspective on the tour. :slightly_smiling_face:

The only thing you can’t really do yourself is marching with the first order.

But for the cost, having reserved spots for the shows, fireworks, lunch (including a more personal stormtroopers interaction), zero wait for the SW ride and character interactions, and the keepsake mug, makes it worthwhile.

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Gosh I didn’t even know that existed !!! I already booked dessert party for the fireworks but I think it can be cancelled. Will definitely look that up ! Thanks !!!

Didn’t know you got to march with the First Order. Now that is cool!

Where was lunch? And were the Storm Troopers at lunch, or was the interaction somewhere else?

I started with DP too. You get so much more for your money with the GT. And to be honest, I never have much room for left by then for the desserts anyway :slight_smile:


Yes, you get lunch from the Backlot Express. They have rear section roped off and tables reserved for your party. Lunch is brought to your table (you select what you want before the tour begins) along with a churro lightsaber for dessert. During lunch, the STs go from table to table looking for the “rebel spy.”


Kylo Ren asked my DD if she would join him in the dark side DD asked if there would be taco’s. He was not happy as you can see from DD expression.


:rofl awesome !!!

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Did you do the guided tour with kids ? Wondering what the appeal would be for my 7-year-old. He loves Star Wars but doesn’t understand much in english. Is it a big group ? Will I annoy everyone if I translate in french for my son ? Is the pace of the visit and/or the walking too intense for kids ? Any insight appreciated. Thanks.

Yes, I have 8 and 12 y/o boys.

They loved every part of the tour (the march, the character interactions, the show, etc). The tour is very slow-paced IMO, with plenty of breaks for the bathroom, and taking a load off. In addition to those breaks, there is also one break between the start of the tour and lunch where they give out bottles of water to everyone.

At the beginning of the tour, everyone is given a headset so you can hear what the guides are saying. When we did the tour there were 4 other families. so maybe 15 people total. A couple of the families were not native English speakers and it appeared that the parents elected to translate to their kids. Since the level of noise in parks is a bit loud, I couldn’t actually hear what they were saying…so no, I don’t think you’d annoy anyone.


Well I am sold man, thanks ! Time to cancel my dessert party and book the guided tour. I really appreciate your help in making our trip better !! :slight_smile:

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Book the sw tour before canceling the desert party. This way in case sold out you still have the party