Any idea of the A&E waits during MNSSHP?

We were not able to get FPP for A&E this trip. Does anyone have an idea I what the waits were like during the Halloween party? Thanks!!

I saw pictures someone took during the party, and waits were 20 minutes. Then again, that was the first day.

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I also saw someone say they waited around 10 min close to 8 pm… But it is first party/sept. I’m sure they will be shorter then normal daytime waits :slight_smile:

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FYI. Other wait times:


Thanks. I don’t want to waste too much party time but I’d be willing to wait 20-30 minutes. Maybe during second parade!! Fingers crossed.

To avoid a long wait, we got in line to meet princesses at 6 last year and line opened at 7, so we were near the front. I would not assume lines would be shorter. character lines can get crazy at busier parties.