Any HHN wisdom for me?

I’m sure we will be able to get more concrete advice about this year’s HHN once it starts in a couple of days, but I thought I’d ask for some general wisdom now. Here’s what’s up:

We’re going on October 1st. I know, it’s a Saturday. But! We do have Express passes for it.

We do have day park tickets, and the plan is to be in the Simpsons area holding pen during the transition.

I’ve been to HHN just once before, back in 2010. I went without a plan or preparation, and suffered the consequences.

I know the general principle that the houses up front in the Production Central/New York area are busier than the ones back in Woody Woodpecker and World Expo.

Walking Dead, Krampus and Tomb of the Ancients are musts. The rest of the houses are “hopefully”, except for American Horror Story, which is “eh, only if we’ve done everything else.”

Bill and Ted is a fairly high priority. The other show is a maybe. Showtimes will obviously play a part that’s hard to plan for now.

So, given all that… if we’re in the Simpsons area when we’re released, we’ll be between the Woody Woodpecker houses (including Tomb of the Ancients) and the World Expo houses. So should we hit them first, maybe not even needing to use our Express passes on the first one or two? Or should we double back to the front right away and hit those houses first, relying on the Express passes earlier? I don’t think we’d have a problem using Express even on a shorter line, since we probably won’t go through a house twice. Thoughts? Thanks!

Do not go to houses near the front at beginning of night. They are super busy with evening only guests. Haven’t looked at map for this year but a rule of thumb is to use the holding zone furthest from park entry. Do houses furthest from park entry first working back towards the front of the park. Obviously its a general rule and you should ensure you fit your priorities within it.

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We have never had trouble seeing everything with the Express Passes. You will be fine!

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Thanks for your input! Sounds like a good plan; that way, we’ll only need to double back once, when it’s time for Bill & Ted.

Thanks for sharing your experience! Since it’s a Saturday, I wasn’t sure if having the Express Passes would be enough. I guess we’ll find out, and it’s no biggie if we miss a house or two.

First night of the event is tonight! Looking forward to reading people’s impressions.