Any Guesses for EMMHs Jan 2020?

I’m trying to get my breakfast ADRs planned Jan-Feb visit (Booking Aug 2nd) - EMHs have not been posted for my dates yet so I’m guessing. I’m not a huge fan of booking breakfasts in parks with EMMH

Specific Plan: AK on Friday 1/31 ADR TH breakfast 8am; EP on Sat 2/1 ADR GG breakfast 8am

Anyone have a guess as to whether this will be a problem? (predicted crowd level AK = 5; EP=6)

The only thing I can recommend is looking at the historical crowd calendar for this year and 2018 to get a “feel” when / if each park has EMH. With SWGE opening with EEMH this fall it’s difficult to predict anything for 2020 right now.

Disney already posted hours for a couple Fridays in January 2020. So far no EMH at AK .

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Thanks so much!!

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