Any experience with family suites at All-Star Music?

We are currently booked for a standard 5th sleeper room at Caribbean Beach for our upcoming trip in July. We are a family of 5: me, DH, DD14, DS9 and DD5.
I am a bit worried about having all 5 of us in one room together, especially since DD14 has some sensory issues (primarily tactile) that leave her needing a larger-than-average personal bubble and a place to decompress. Sharing a bed with someone else makes her super uncomfortable, though she would do it if absolutely necessary.
I am seriously considering switching to a suite at All-Star Music for the extra space, even though we would be giving up the more elaborate amenities at CBR, especially the pool, skyliner and quiet natural spots (beaches, walkways, lake).
Has anyone stayed in the family suites (or at All-Star Music in general) since they reopened post-Covid? How did you find the pools and foodcourt? And what was your experience with bus transportation to and from the parks?


I think @Tall_Paul1 stayed in a family suite recently. I’ve stayed at ASMovies recently and the bus service and food court were good. Fresh food regularly made and the buses were plentiful. No complaints and I’m staying there again soon.


That’s the first resort my family ever stayed at, in the suites, because we knew we would kill each other in a hotel room when the kids were small

It was a long time ago, but it was fantastic - we loved it.

The pool was fantastic, the food court was not bad, and the buses were great.

Do it - you won’t be disappointed!

Any reason you’re not considering AoA? Just because those are a little more themed and you get skyliner? They are kind of expensive tho


I can’t speak to the pools, as we didn’t use them. But the suite itself was outstanding. The refurb was done well. Kids said the murphy beds were super comfortable, and there is plenty of room to maneuver even with the beds down, more than say, Pop rooms with the 2nd bed down. The layout is nice. And all suites are in preferred buildings, either closest or next closest to lobby.

The buses were regular. No issues.

We got breakfast and snacks from food court and were satisfied. Mobile order worked well. Placed order from room, and it was all in a to go bag at the pickup window by the time I walked over.

I don’t know AoA, but ASMu is probably 150/nt cheaper to give up some theming and the skyliner.

Wouldn’t hesitate to stay in one of these suites again. It’s a great option for space at a reasonable price without losing too much.


I looked into it and had it booked until a 1-bed at OKW became an option.

The one thing I would say is to look at the sleeping arrangements. Although you’ll have the extra space, it really benefits you more than the kids! They will presumably be in the same room, so if DD is going to have a bed to herself, the other two will still need to share.


We stayed at AoA on our last trip, back in 2019, but in the Little Mermaid rooms. It was pretty cramped, but DD didn’t have her issues playing up yet.
While we really liked the resort, I don’t love the idea of having to do Skyliner transfers on our way to rope drop - too many variables outside of my control. Same goes for inclement weather during hours we are most likely to return to the resort for breaks… And the suites are a fair bit more expensive, of course.


We actually would probably end up splitting adults with the younger kids, or having the two youngest sharing a bed. Usually it’s me and DD5, DH with DS and DD14 by herself. She gets the best deal :wink:


we also were there last summer.
It was my first time on property and I was prepared to be underwhelmed.

Instead, I found the food court and shopping to be clean, yummy, and affordable.
We mostly ate breakfast in our room (toaster) and food at parks, but had one dinner and a few desserts on property.
Loved the Mickey pool area.


++ @OBNurseNH Et Al.

DW and I stayed there this past December and as I told my TA, I’m spoiled forever. Having the extra room really improved our visit. The suite was bigger than I anticipated and layout was well done. You could possibly get away with leaving one of the Murphy beds down all the time but for certain you would need to stow one away to have table space.

We had groceries delivered, which Bell Services accepted, that did not include perishables. We only used the food court for a few perishable things but it was tidy and clean and everything looked fresh. We made good use of the kitchenette and ate breakfast in the room and an early TS meal every day so that offset the extra cost for the suite.

I spend way to much time in natatoriums as it is so pools aren’t a priority for me on vacation., but what I saw was super clean.

We never waited more that 10 minutes for a bus coming or going except for an 11:00 PM close at MK
(and so did guests for every other hotel). There was a dedicated bus for All Star Music during peak hours and a shared bus in the middle of the day.

Each building is in a T shape so I would recommend getting a suite on an upper floor at the foot of the T.


Thank you all so much for sharing! We ended up switching our reservation from CBR to the ASMu Family Suite, and are super excited about it! I think having the extra space will definitely be worth ‘giving up’ daily Skyliner trips :slight_smile: