Any experience with Disney Fine Art Photography?

A while ago I told my wife about Disney Fine Art photography and she said she didn’t want to pay a lot of money for out pictures with Disney stuff in the background. I told her to look at the galleries before she made any judgement. She looked and said she would like something like what they have showing on the website. That was at least 6 months ago.

Fast forward to today. She texts me and asks if I’m interested. I tell her the packages that we would consider are either $250 or $500. We are considering it, but I would like any feedback of it from anybody who has used this service. The pictures do look fantastic on the website, but I know they went over thousands of pictures and used the best ones.

We used them for extended family pictures (17 of us) when we went for our trip in 2016. I booked it as a gift for my parents 50th.
I absolutely loved it and I am considering doing it again this summer when we go back with just our family of 5.
I forget the package we booked but we had a photographer come meet us for an hour at AoA, she spent a bit over an hour. She took pictures of 3 different families with kids alone and kids with parents, my parents alone, all 9 grandsons, the grandsons with the grand parents. We started in the lobby at AoA with the hand-drawn cartoon wall as the backdrop and then moved outside to Lion King area with only vegetation as a backdrop. The photographer was great! She brought and assistant and they even moved garbage cans to get them out of the shot.
I think we ended up with about 150 photos and they really came out wonderful. Highly recommended.

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It was probably the enhanced portrait session if it was an hour long. There is a maximum of 40 guests during this shoot, so that would fit. Thanks.