Any experience of a "deluxe" room at HRH?

I know there was a recent post about whether HRH was worth paying a bit extra for, but I wanted to ask a specific question about whether the 2-queen “deluxe” room is worth the upcharge?

For my dates in late August, I have a standard 2-queen room at RPR booked for $350/night for 5 nights. I’m a bit nervous that this will be a bit of a tight squeeze for my family, we are two adults and two 17-year-olds. When I first booked, the deluxe rooms at HRH weren’t included in the discounted rates (stay-more-save-more kind of offer), but when I looked again today, they are. But they’re still a lot more expensive - $470/night, but that’s for a 500 sq ft room with 2 queen beds plus a sofa bed. Still only one bathroom, though.

Would you pay $120/night more for more space at HRH over RPR? Are the RPR regular rooms really that small? Has anyone stayed at one of these deluxe rooms and know whether the sofa bed would actually be comfortable?

No experience staying at the Hard Rock deluxe rooms—however, the RPR rooms are tight for us as a family of 4 and I have two young daughters (8 & 6 last summer).

I noticed a considerable difference when staying at PBR with 450 sq foot rooms. We are opting for Hard Rock for our trip this June and one of the reasons is just to get 40 more square feet (375 square feet vs 335). The pool slide is another reason, as the RPR pool is just okay and my girls love a resort day.

I honestly cannot imagine having two teens in the RPR room. That would be very cramped.

For me, the difference would be worth it.

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We’ve done the King Suite I think it was at the HRH and the kids slept on the couch. It was a standard couch bed and as an adult I wouldn’t want to sleep on it. We’ve also done the King Suite at RPR. This would be a weird choice for me because on the one hand I like the size of the HRH better and I like the bathroom better but the King Suite actually had a door at RPR which is nice to shut your kids out and it was just behind a wall at HRH. I’ve also done standard room at both and here I’d pick HRH hands down. But is it worth $120/night depends on your budget! Sometimes I go all out and sometimes I try to cut some corners so it would depend on which kind of a trip it was for me.

And where I really felt the difference was the bathroom.

For a couple nights, I’d suck it up but for five nights I’d move to HRH if it’s not a budget buster. Teens might like the vibe at HRH better, too, although that obviously depends on the teens.


I’m reading on Disboards that the deluxe rooms at Hard Rock no longer have the pull-out sofa. Just chairs. They are reporting that the hotel had problems with them so they removed them, and the hotel is providing a roll-away bed at no charge for people in those rooms that request them.

You might want to call to inquire if this is true. There’s more than one report of this. Not sure if a rollaway would work for you or not.

I have stayed in the standard rooms at RPR, HRH and PBR with a 14 and 18 year old. We got the rollaway at all of them. PBR is definitely the favorite and it was all because of the extra space (and the balcony last time made it seem even larger!). The rooms felt soooo big. If given the option of RPR or more space at HRH, I’d definitely go for the extra space.


I decided to go ahead and change my reservation to the HRH. I thought briefly about just going for the standard room based on those reports that they are no longer providing a pull out couch in the deluxe rooms, but I figure if they provide a rollaway bed instead, that’s fine. It’s more just wanting to have a bit more space, and not feel so on top of each other, and the deluxe room does seem to provide that. And even though it’s quite a bit more money, it’s still less than getting a 2nd hotel room, which I did contemplate after watching some videos that showed just how tight the standard 2 queen room is at RPR. Also, the pool at HRH looks a lot more fun. I know we can in theory use the pool at other hotels, but I also know that realistically we will not do that. I think my kids would be more excited by a pool with a waterslide than the admittedly super pretty but perhaps boring-for-teenagers pool at RPR.


Those are all good reasons to switch, especially if this is a less-often kind of trip and the budget allows!

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This is going to be our last visit, I’m pretty sure. We went once before in Aug 2019 when my twins were 13. They will be going into their last year of high school the day after we get home from Florida this August, and then who knows what comes next. We have lots of ideas of other places to visit, so I can’t see us making it down to Florida again. We live in western Canada, so it’s pretty far for us. It’s a long journey, expensive airfare, all that. So I am a little bit willing to push the boat out, budget wise on this trip to make it enjoyable.


That makes sense to me! I am going all out in Japan this summer for our extended family trip so we can be comfortable and really enjoy it. And then there are times when I travel alone or for a long weekend where i’m more willing to cram into a smaller room with four people.