Any chance of earlier FP TSM Dec 21

Took what was offered at 30 day window. CL9 on Dec 21. Didn’t realize til yesterday that I could go in and try to get new times for individual FP (there is a LOT to read in these forums!). Got 10:05 ST (which I keep being told I don’t need or shouldn’t use) and after several tries got the recommended ToT for 11:10. (have for both me and college D and I’m not gonna use mine-only ride I hate, but will have D use if FP wait is reasonable when she gets off first FP or just let expire). So, is there any way that I’m ever gonna get anything earlier than my 6:05 TSM FP? It really messes up in-park FP. Also should I give up ST and if so, what else should I try for? At this point, TP shows only 12-15 m wait for Comedy and Frozen.

If you want to ride ST I would not give up that FP! You will be there right after the new movie is released and with the new scenes wait times most likely will increase. Have you tried moving ST and ToT to later and then doing more stand by lines early morning?

Had not thought about ST and movie release. Good point! Original 12:30 ToT and changed to 10:05 and cuts down on wait, and it didn’t make any difference in early am stand bys–two for RRC and one for TSM. At this point have 180 free time about 3pm and figured that is when we might try to eat late lunch/early dinner. Am flexible on food and that off time to eat makes it less likely for absolute need for ADR that just further complicates my TP. While I’m at it, TP recommends Osborne about 6:30 and nothing afterwards. Surely it won’t take 2.5 hours to enjoy the lights! Are alcoholic drinks available outside of dessert party? (maybe should do new post).

I just posted this link on chat: