Any Canadians out there with trips pending?

Like many, our Disney trip was cancelled last year. Is anyone else sitting on a rescheduled trip from 2020? Thoughts as to what to do with your 2021 reservations? Has anyone reached out to Disney to see about postpoing again? I have 6 9-day hopper passes that expire Dec 21, so I’m very curious as to what others are experiencing with Disney customer service this year.

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Until the border officially re-opens, we haven’t been planning any trips. We had a couple non-Disney trips cancelled over the past year, so once bitten twice shy here.

We thankfully had ‘refundable’ trips booked (in company credit), so we have plenty of travel credit ready once the virus is under control. As long as your trip is refundable, book away!

Cancelled our April 2021 vacation a couple of weeks ago.
Just no way we could take off all the time for the mandatory quarantine and of course now they’re saying they will prevent people from returning to their homes pending test results and prohibit home isolation.

We’re hoping to put it back on for 2022 but we’ll see.
I just cancelled my reservations at Disney rather than postpone so I can’t really speak to that.

As for park tickets, I used MDE and changed the tickets to start in September 2021.
Not that we intend to go at that time but there’s no price change involved.
I’ll just have to go back in and change the start date to 2022 once they start selling tickets for the new year.

So, different circumstances but yeah, it’s a drag.
Hope it all works out.

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I went in Sept & Nov. …and with things getting worse, did not renew my AP. With all the new travel restrictions, no plans to go in the foreseeable future.

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Bumping this one. Any Canadians recently go to WDW? Our kids’ school is being shifted to remote learning again. I’m thinking of booking a last minute trip (aka like leave in the next 4-5 days). Maybe go for a month and stay offsite. Go to the park a few days each week and do remote learning/working the other days.

Any suggestions?