Any advice on a 2 day itinerary at Epcot?

What’s the best way to tackle EPCOT over 2 days? We’re a family of four, kids aged 9 and 5. We want to fit in as much as possible. Our FPP day is just over a week away as well so any advice on that would be great :grin:


We divide east and west into 2 days. That way when you go to World Showcase you can hop on the Friendship boats across and not have to walk the rest of the way around or backtrack. With DD10 we figure 30 minutes for the Seas Pavilion, it’s a good place for an air conditioned break as well.


I like to do east and west too. That way you get a little of FW and a little of WS each day. My family would not be up for a full day of either and this provides a nice balance

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Thanks, splitting East and West sounds like a plan! :+1: What’s FW and WS?

FW = Future World
WS = World Showcase

World Showcase can be a little dry for the younger crowd, so I too think East / West is a good split. Also don’t forget to do Agent P’s in the World Showcase as it will turn something kind of boring for the little ones to something kind of awesome.