Any advice: mid-week day off vs. afternoon only

Hello all,
We are planning our first family trip back to WDW since paper fast passes :astonished: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We are a family of 5 (ages 14-55) and Disney-lovers.
We have 7 day (non hopper) tickets but 8 days on property IF you count arrival day. Not planning on G+ for trip (but could be persuaded).
Here’s what I am noodling:

Option 1:
Head to park (probably Epcot) upon arrival at WDW. Flight lands at 12:30pm; that leaves a nice evening of adventure. Then plan a ‘no parks’ Resort-Disney Springs-monorail day mid week.

Option 2:
Use arrival day for getting settled (no parks). Mid week we’ll plan a ‘sleep in’ day and head to a park in the afternoon (again, likely Epcot).

Knowing my 3 teenagers, I just know we’ll need at least one morning of sleep. They’re great - but sleepy, growing, hungry mini-adults.

Wondering if there’s anyone with experience or advice? Anything I’m not considering?
Thank you in advance,

I like full days off…you can always go to Disney Springs and get in the hot air balloon or take a car ride around the lake if you really need to ride something. :wink: They have a carrousel too in the Marketplace.

*I also have teenagers 14+ We always take one day off if we’re going for a week or longer.

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That’s tough, but I’d probably choose the full midweek day off. Even if you don’t get to your hotel until 2pm That’s plenty of time for some park fun that evening.

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With that many park days I’d choose to take a mid week full day off.

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For example, we just did 7 days with 2 park days at Universal and 3 park days at disney, 3 nights in Universal and 4 in Disney.
Day 1 we got in around dinner time so we just ate at the hotel
Day 2 Park Open Universal Parks
Day 3 Early Entry - Universal Parks
Day 4 sleep-in, switch hotels with lunch reservations at new hotel (Sanaa) and our room was ready during lunch. So we just enjoyed our animal view and room and had dinner reservations at Jambo
Day 5 Early Entry MK - Fireworks
Day 6 1015am arrival at DHS and done by 415pm with a hotel break until 745pm dinner at Epcot
Day 7 1015am arrival at AK, done by 3pm, hotel break and about 645 we Lyfted to Epcot for Evening hours till 11pm
Day 8 home

Comments: I heard from the DS17 “This is my favorite Disney trip ever” For context he’s been 15 times to some Disney park and/or Universal trip. When I asked him why, he said, “the pace was better.” From 65yo Mom, “This trip was perfectly paced. It was the right mix of fun and relaxation.” Don’t discount rest! It makes for the perfect trip! There were no fights or drama. People get along better with some space (larger rooms with teens like suites) and more rest.


Yes - this is a good point. I want to leave happy and wishing we could stay more (not exhausted and grumpy at one another).

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