Any advice for my Touring Plans for my next trip?

Hi! I’m seeking advice for my next trip to WDW.
I’m 24-years-old.
I’m going from January 14th to 17th for 4 days, the first day alone and the next days with a friend that’s never been at Disney.

The last time I went to Disney was in winter 2013, so some things changed.
For example, it’s my first time going to Flight of Passage, Seven Dwarf Mine and Frozen Ever After!

All the FastPass+ are already reserved, and we intend to do rope drop all days.

So, without further ado, I share my Touring Plans so you can help me tweak them and make better plans.

First Day, Animal Kingdom Solo (Current Crowd Level: 4):
I have a question about this Trip. What time do you recommend me to be at the park to ride both Pandora rides, knowing that it has Extra Magic Hours that day?

I’m staying at Saratoga Springs. Do you recommend me to use the bus or Uber (or do you have any particular advice about this)?

Second Day, Epcot with my friend (Current Crowd Level: 4):
We plan to visit all World Showcase Pavillions, but I didn’t mark them in the itinerary because I don’t know how much time we will spend on each one. We don’t intend to watch any of the shows (The American Adventure, Impressions of France, China, etc.).

We already made the reservation at Spice Round Table at 8:30 p.m. We intend to watch Illuminations while dining. What time do you recommend us to arrive at the restaurant? Do we have to say something to Disney to make it clear that we want a spot to watch the fireworks?

Third Day, DHS with my friend (Current Crowd Level: 6):

Last Day, Magic Kingdom with my friend (Current Crowd Level: 6):
Are both fireworks shows the same day?

Thanks in advance for any help!

On AK are you rope dropping FOP? You have Navi first which would really make you FOP a long wait.

Also, you have some free time in there, but no animal viewing trails. Are you not doing any?

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Thanks for replying!

I plan to do FOP first, but the optimize gave me that order. And I do intend of doing the animal trails, but again, I don’t know how much time I’ll spend on each one, nor at what time it is recommended to do them.
Can you help me with that?

Edit: I manually changed the order for FOP and Navi River Journey. I don’t know if the algorithm takes into account that I’m doing RD.

I set mine up for a break right at opening at Satuli Canteen, with a note that DD was riding FoP. That puts you right there at opening.

Also, I would put in the walking of trails, along with places you want to eat, and then optimize a few times. I’d do that with Epcot as well, putting in the pavilions you will be visiting and optimize or evaluate so that you can see how much time it gives you there. I made each of ours at 1 hour, which gave us time to look, but we moved on if we’d seen everything.

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Thanks for the tip! I’ve already put Satu’li Canteen at the top.

Regarding the trails and pavilions, do you think that it’ll take an hour to visit each one?
And other than the reservation at Spice Round Table I have some idea where I want to eat (because I eat kosher and I’ll be going to Counter Service restaurants that offer kosher food), but I don’t really have an idea at what time I will eat.

No, it won’t take that much time. I did pad my time to make sure I wasn’t rushed. It took a lot less time for us, and we’re very slow.

I’d put the CS in and see where they are put. Maybe make a copy of current plan and then optimize.

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I made a copy and updated the TP for AK. Now it says that the plan will not use the FP for Everest. Do you recommend me to change it or keep it?

It looks like you’ve already got some better help than I can provide. But on the trails, I did very similar to what’s already posted. I put them in when I was already in the area and had a gap between an attraction and show. So for Gorrilla I had a good amount of time between my fast pass for safari and waiting for lion king. It wanted me to run over and do Everest, but I just put in gorrilla to knock it out and minimize rush. It only added a few minutes to my Everest wait anyway. It really didn’t make sense to be so hurried.

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Great :+1:
Thanks for the tips!
Any advice for making Seven Dwarfs Mine the first ride of the day at MK automatically?

Hmmm, does it put it at another time outside the window?

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It puts it at 8:23 pm, when the park closes at 8 pm

Did you set it to force your FPP times? I’ve also heard that you should evaluate a few times. You can always move it to the time you want it and then evaluate.

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I tried forcing FPP and giving it the first hour of park opening, but it didn’t appear first thing in the morning.

Poops, I wrote evaluate a few times and meant optimize a few times.

At that point I usually put it where I want it and then evaluate it and see if any times are off.

Anyways, I know that I want to ride at rope drop. So I think I’ll do that and then when I’m at the park I’ll optimize it on the go.
Regarding the time to be at the park on AK with EMH, and the dining at Spice Round Table at 8:30 pm to see Illuminations, do you have any piece of advice?

We RDed EMH AK on 12/24 by getting there an hour before EMH. However, there were loads of people ahead of us. I tried to get there 90 minutes early, but two of my peeps are not morning people. Mind you, Christmas week isn’t anything like other high crowd days; it’s much worse. You may get away with being there an hour early.

If you want a seat to see IllumiNations, then get there earlier than your ADR and ask for a seat to watch and that you’ll be happy to wait. Always ask nicely.

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Maybe 30-45 minutes early?

Why do you have less than 3 Fastpasses each day in your Touring Plans?

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Thanks for replying!

For DHS and MK I have 3 FPP.
For AK I don’t have 3 FPP because all the FPP for Flight of Passage is not available and I didn’t know that you can have 3 FPP for the other group (I thought that you only could have 1 for the “important” group and 2 for anything else). I’ve already chosen a morning experience (Primeval Whirl).

For EP the thing is that I don’t know what experience is it worth to have FPP.