Any Advice for June 6-9 trip?

people: me, brother, 4 kids (11 boy,13 girl,13 girl,16 boy)
hotel: marriott fairfield inn lake buena vista
Tues June 6 - MK (I’m thinking genie plus this day)
Wed June 7 - DHS
Thur June 8 - Epcot
Fri June 9 - MK (I’m thinking genie plus this day)
me and my 2 kids (13,16) will be flying in june 6 touchdown around 8:30am. renting a car.
We plan on going to MK that day. Should we drive to the hotel drop our stuff off at lobby (hopefully they allow) then drive to TTC?

My brother and his 2 kids fly in later that eveing around 7:25pm, so they won’t be going to the parks that day.

Wednesday: we’re all going to the park. I’m trying to figure out what time we need to leave the fairfield Inn so we can rope drop and get on rise of the resistance. And hopefully hit all the big rides throughout the day. I’m thinking we don’t need to get a genie plus.

Thur: Trying to figure out what time we need to leave to rope drop Guardians. Is guardians only VQ? I’m hoping we can hit the big rides here without getting genie plus.

Friday: I need to get up early and get genie plus for everyone. We’ll try to get to the parks very early and rope drop 7D mine train. Is tron only VQ? We really want to ride that. Maybe two of us need to get up early, one to genie plus, and one to get tron VQ.

Any recommendations? Do you think we’ll need genie plus on our DHS and Epcot days?

I would definitely do Genie+ at HS. Those lines get really long.


For HS, I would definitely get Genie + if you are planning on riding everything.

Yes. Can be difficult at 7:00 am but much easier at 1:00 if you miss out at 7. Same for Tron.

I think you can skip Genie + at EP but you’ll have some waits, especially at Remy, Test Track and Frozen.


Unless you get the 30 minute EE you will be well behind the pack for Rise. I’d either buy the ILL or get in line at the end of the night.

I’d definitely buy G+ for DHS.

Guardians is VQ or ILL only. No rope dropping.


This is going to be long without EE too. Sometimes the wait drops mid morning if it’s not super crowded. If not, near park close is a good time to hop in line as your last ride of the day.


If everything fits in the trunk of the car, I would go directly to TTC. I tend to maximize park time!

I think you need Genie+ to hit all the big rides!

Is the Fairfield Inn one of the 3rd party hotels that get Early Entry? I’m thinking no. As such, you can’t really rope drop RISE. The people doing EE would have rope dropped it. You either do stand by or ILL.

Guardians is only VQ

Again, if the Fairfield Inn is not one of the third party hotels that have Early Entry, you can’t rope drop the big rides.

While you can’t rope drop, you can stand in line right before the park closes. That would be a great time to do stand by for the popular rides (RISE, 7DMT, & Remy).

Are you planning on using BG1 for Genie+?

Thanks for all the tips. I really want to keep the budget as small as possible, but it sounds like we might need to get an ILL for Rise.
Fairfield doesn’t have early entry.
Since we can’t rope drop Guardians, what should we try to do first at Epcot? Assuming we’ll be coming in main gate entrance. Test track, Remy or Frozen?

What is BG1? How does it work? Do you use it in a browser?

Instructions are in the forum under Cava du chat at the bottom. First post is up to date but if you have questions just reply to thread.

I won’t be able to attempt to get the ILL for Rise until 9am correct, since I’m not staying on property?
But I can attempt to get genie plus starting at 12 midnight?

Correct on both. You do not need to stay up to purchase Genie + though as it’s never sold out in the AM. You can my book your first ride until 7 so just purchase at 6:45.

If you are coming from the main entry, I’d start with Frozen and then head to Soarin. You can do Test Track as single riders. Everyone will wait in line at the same time but may be in different cars. The single rider line wait is usually just 5 to 10 minutes at most. You’ll have to wait for a while for Remy but if that’s your only long wait for the day…If you aren’t planning on watching the nighttime show/fireworks, you could also get in line at the end of the night for a shorter wait on Remy.

thanks for the info.
Can you attempt VQ at 7am even if you’re not staying on property?

Yes. Being on-property only matters for $ILL. It does not matter for buying the G+ LL or trying for BG(VQ).

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BG1 is an app that interfaces with your Disney app seamlessly. It works faster that MDE. We got Boarding Group 1 and Boarding Group 4 for Cosmic on two separate days. The instructions for BG1 is located here:

Just read the first post!

I put some screenshots here:

If you are not staying onsite, you cannot buy ILL until park opening. At 7 AM, the earliest ILL for RISE for us in February was like after 3 PM. However, there are drops of more ILL during the day. You can keep trying, if you don’t get to buy an ILL at park opening. Genie+ and ILLs have to be bought on MDE.

ETA: Make sure you also read the first post of the Genie thread. It has everything you want to know about Genie+ and very useful tips.

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I’ve been looking at that BG1 . How does it work? You use your browser? And then hook that up to your mde account through the browser? And then use the interface on BG1?

Once you set it up you use your browser. You just use your MDE password for the log in and it will work.