Antojitos closed in May?

I have been trying to set up a reservation at Antojitos in May for my wife and I during our Universal trip. However, the date we wanted to go (Friday, May 12) it is showing up as “closed” in the reservation system. Actually, it is showing up as “closed” from May 10 through May 31. It shows it as open again starting June.

At first, I thought this was simply because they hadn’t loaded reservations beyond May 9 into the system. But I’ve been monitoring this for a week and a half, and it hasn’t changed.

Has anyone seen anything about Antojitos being closed for any reason? I’m not seeing anything on the Universal website itself about any closure.

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Strange, it may very well be a refurb of some sort.

Do you have Mama Della’s planned for your trip? That’s great for couples.

We aren’t big Italian food fans. I like a good lasagna…but most Italian places use ricotta instead of cottage cheese, which I don’t favor because ricotta makes the texture off. (I am weird that way…but to me the best lasagna is always made with cottage cheese!)

Nothing wrong with Italian…just not anything special. But we really like Mexican…and thought the food at Antojitos was great last time we went.

Welp, you’ll just have to settle for Moe’s :wink:

How…uh…romantic. :thinking:

Check out Strong Water Tavern’s menu.

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I’d probably try calling Antojitos directly to ask. 407-224-3663. Then you can just make a reservation over the phone if online is a glitch.


So, I just got off the phone with Universal reservations, and the TM that I spoke with said that the restaurant isn’t actually closed those dates, but that they just haven’t opened up the reservations yet. So…I guess I’ll just keep checking.


Well then at least you still have a chance. But weird that they aren’t open for reservations next month.

I remember Antojitos being one of the last we could reserve last summer, but I thought it was opened up by the month before.

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I have checking every day (multiple times a day, since I don’t know when they do a drop). I thought that they would have opened up dates yesterday because it would have been 30 days out from May 11 (which had been blocked). This morning I checked…and now…


All dates starting from May 7 are blocked. :confused: So, it actually went backwards!

Still, I hope it is a sign they are updating something and May 12 will open soon. Something interesting is that almost a week ago, they made an update that you can now make the reservation directly from the Universal Orlando website. It used to take you to a third-party page for their reservation system.

This is so bizarre. So, dates from May 7 to May 31 are still blocked. Before it was May 10 through May 31. Briefly, Friday, May 5 became available (for a couple days) but it is back to being blocked.

Anyhow, I would think that it is just that they haven’t opened reservations (as I was told on the phone), but I went through the work of trying to book something in June, and it was going to let me (I just didn’t hit confirm). The calendar is open all of June, until July 14, where it is blocked again going forward. That is 60 days out. This suggests they open reservations for up to 60 days…and yet May 7 to 31 is still blocked.

I still can’t find any indication anywhere to suggest it will be closed, other than reservations not being available. And the TM on the phone told me that it was just that they hadn’t opened the dates yet. I’m doubting that. I think he was just telling me anything without really confirming.

I wish I could call the restaurant directly.

Very very weird!

I emailed USO about this and got a response today…

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Well that sucks. It might reopen early, but no chance for 12th.

Maybe Bumblebee man tacos is more romantic than Moe’s

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We TOTALLY would do it, but unfortunately that night the park closes early due to Grad night…so…bummer. :wink:

Actually, since we have a car, we are now looking at off-site places. Agave Azul is less than 15 minutes away from the hotel, so that’s an option. Never been, but it has good reviews.


What makes the Antojitos closure even worse is that they’re listed as one of the May AP special menu items :smirk:

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I assume for Cinco de Mayo?