Antics at Whispering Canyon

Antics at Whispering Canyon (ketchup, straws, etc)…fun or just annoying? Wondering if my teens might get a kick out of it. They are pretty goofy kids who laugh easily, and the menu suits their palates pretty well. I think I’d personally love it just because I’d get to take the boat from MK and see Wilderness Lodge.

It’s funny! Eaten both breakfast and lunch there at different times. If the teens are goofy, they will love it. The more they play with the CMs the better. If you have teens who can really take the antics, they will give it out. We sat and watched them harass a group of teens. It was hilarious and the teens loved it. They tried to “give it back” but the CMs always had a come back. It was great. There’s an older female CM that’s especially good. I can’t remember her name, but she told me she’s semi-retired so she’s not there everyday.

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That sounds great! Thanks so much for the info. I think we may have to move this one to the “must do” list.

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No problem! BTW, it’s a great breakfast option on your way to MK if you don’t want to or have to RD. We don’t RD (not morning people), so we ate breakfast there and then rode the boat over to MK. If you have teen boys who eat a ton of food, which most of them do, the breakfast skillet is definitely worth it.

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The antics are fun, especially for young and old. Teens are a different kettle of fish, but if your crew is goofy, it should be ok. Plus, they don’t “make” you participate, so if it’s going sideways, just don’t ask for ketchup.

Another upvote for the skillet. I’d never order anything else, tbh. That and the bottomless shakes…

Bottomless shakes! Oh, that is right up my family’s alley. And we are nothing if not goofy, so this should be a good fit.