Another Trip Cancelled - and yet there's hope!

DF (@hmbhmbhmb) and I just cancelled another trip to WDW - that makes four! We had one in May '20 at WL (cancelled), then one in October '20 (cancelled), then one for March '21 (surely everything will be back to normal by then! – nope, cancelled!), THEN four days at CC in May '21 (and…no, still not ready.)

I get my second shot on Sunday but DF is not yet eligible and we’re not ready to travel until we’re both vaccinated.

BUT…optimism reigns supreme and we scheduled a quick trip down in mid-June, staying at BWV. We’ve never stayed there before and are looking forward to it. Especially now that the Clown Pool (eek!) is no more. Flying Fish is still closed but what should we absolutely do and see while we’re at the Boardwalk?


Not much is open on the Boardwalk itself, other than the store and Bakery. Although, I liked taking walks around the lake in the morning.


We stayed there pre-covid and loved the resort and the boardwalk area! Pizza Window was super convenient and yummy - not sure if it’s open. Trattoria al Forno was a great breakfast (of course it had the characters before so that was our main reason for going) Even if things are closed, the walk to HS and Epcot is the BEST perk to staying here, in my opinion.


Are you in the US? The good news is states are starting to open up the vaccination to all adults.