Another Sept/Star Wars worrier

I’ve been trying to go with the flow with the GE opening, but I’m still considering switching from the week of Labor Day to mid-May. We are not staying on site, so it would cost us about $200 to switch our reservations. We have 3-year old triplets and a 5 year old. I just wish I had a crystal ball to tell me how we would do crowd wise if we kept our reservation opening week. My husband thinks I am looney because he says it will be busy either way.

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Someone asked this in the blog post and Steve said May will be less busy. May before Mem day usually sees low crowds. He did say that with a good TO you should be fine in September.
If you do switch, you will probably have a hard time getting your ADRs at this point so something to consider. Not sure how big of a factor that is.

I also find it interesting that you’re thinking of switching to May. I’m going Apr 27-May which are CL4 or lower but my concern is that panicked people will be switching driving up the crowds then.

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I would switch to May for weather alone! September is so hot, so humid and typically wet. (But I’m going anyway because of SW!)

True. My travel agent just told me that haven’t had anyone switch their dates b/c of SW so that’s reassuring.

I prefer May and have been at DW for both May and September. Are you planning on skipping HS if going in September?

That’s my concern as well. I would lose my 2 pre-park opening breakfasts, so that would suck. But hopefully if I just rope drop if I switch it May it would be fine. I don’t know, I have never been.

Yes we would skip HS all together and do 2 days of MK. You like May better mainly because of weather? I would lose my ADRs (only had 2 pre-park) but I don’t know how important that is to me vs, better crowds/better weather.

Really? Okay, the fight for May continues on…

That’s a really tough decision. We prefer May because of the weather, F&G, the park hours, and the crowds being just as manageable.

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kind off topic, but I misread your title as warrior. lol we are all warriors getting ready to fight the SW crowds.

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Our May 2018 trip was a wet rainy week. I know it rains almost everyday in Florida, for short bursts. We had rainy d-a-y-s. We were surprised by SW:GE announcement too, but keeping our mid September dates. Just avoiding HS for the week.

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If you are worried about star wars crowds id probably avoid the first week of May. You knowwhat they say, “May the 4th be with you”