Another quick Annual Pass Question

I have read the small print but can not determine if the annual pass is good for both parks on the same day. Or is it just one park per day?

The answer will help my with my ticket selection.

With an annual pass you can get into both parks on the same day, unless you or blocked out of one of those parks.


Yep! Read the fine print on the “Seasonal Pass”. There are a number of individual dates in February and March that you can not go into USF after 4pm when they do the Mardi Gras celebration. (You can go to IOA though)

Seasonal Passholders are blocked out of Universal Studios Florida on all concert dates and will only receive access to Universal’s Islands of Adventure. Additional concert dates will be announced at a later date and are subject to change.

2020 Concert Dates:
Feb. 1, 8, 15, 16, 22, 29
Mar. 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 28, 29

I almost bought the Seasonal Pass since it seemed “basically” the same as the next tier - The Power Pass.

For $50 more I’m getting the Power Pass just in case I decide to go in that time.

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For concert dates, don’t count on entering US on Saturdays and Sundays in December, February, and March.

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You should be able to upgrade your pass during the course of the year. If you haven’t purchased the pass yet, ask if you can upgrade your pass before a visit that would be blocked out.


Awesome! I’m still learning about APs too. If I do get one, it’ll be my first. (since I’m 14+ hours away) Seems silly to go for a 4 day trip and basically pay the same price. The 3 month extension is pretty nice too.

All my Disney / Universal plans are still “up in the air”. I was planning on going to Disneyland in Sept. (I book the trip 400+ days in advance… and still don’t know when they’ll reopen) :tired_face:

I’ve got multiple back-up bookings in place, but if DLR doesn’t guarantee admission with a hotel package like WDW is doing then I’m going to USF/IOA

At least I have until Sept before I must decide on this deal


Since you said that you are 14+ hours away, I would guess that you are driving. If so, the Preferred should be your minimum pass since it comes with free parking. The price increase pays for parking at 4 days. You also get the early entry, even if off-site.

I appreciate the info!

NO! Absolutely not… :scream:

A round trip “Wanna Get Away” ticket on Southwest, is at MOST $165 w/ taxes & fees. That’s cheaper than gas / oil change & car wear + my sanity! (Even buying a 2nd plane ticket for my wife added on - if she wants to go multiple times still is better / cheaper… :smiley::sunglasses:)

I’ll grab an Uber/Lyft at the airport and stay on-site. (Heck… if I don’t stay on-site, an Uber from a nearby AirBnB is $10 w/ tip included)

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