Another Pop night or YC for our last night? And general plans

It seems that I am all about perseverating over accommodations on our trips. I try not to post with questions over each fleeing new plan as they always change numerous times. This time I think I have it down but just wondered if anyone out there had any contributing thoughts.

We are currently booked through MVT for Pop Century during our very short trip early Dec. We are fam of 5 and have 2 connecting (:crossed_fingers:t2:) rooms booked. We are excited to travel this time of year. I would love to stay longer but we don’t want to pull the kids from school for too many days. We are ending the trip with 1 or 2 UOR days staying at PFB.

So we have PH tickets for 2 days with extra water park pass and will get tickets to MVMCP. Current plan is: (also we will have rent a car)
Tues night arrive evening
Weds HS (TSL!) morning and then late night MK (use shuttles)
Thurs sleep in/ TL for 10-1/ WCC early dinner/ MVMCP (drive this day, park at WL for party)
Fri later start AK (check out and drive to AK, leave from there to UOR)

Disney started running their magical holiday offers and they are driving me crazy! I keep seeing “great deals” for resorts I really want to stay at! Currently I am eyeing YC for Thurs night (no other nights available). I would likely not get rental car if we did this plan. On Thurs we would leave Pop (luggage with bell hop), shuttle to DS to do the Void and see Xmas tree trail, then YC to hang our ay Stormalong Bay (eat by pool) then shuttle to MVMCP. I would switch Weds to AK day and Fri to our HS day. We would Uber to UOR. This plan doesn’t really allow time for TL. It lets us walk to HS Fri am but I think I’m better off sticking with my original plan.

Thanks for anyone who read/ followed along this lengthy post and thanks for any input!

I am always a “less moving is by far preferred”, so I would say stay put.

But I know among “Disney peeps” I am weird in not thinking that hopping to multiple resorts in one stay is the only way to go.


I agree with @lizzieanne771 for the sake of ease stay put even though I love YC/BC!

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My two cents… if you really want to swim in Stormalong, and you got an outstanding deal, it could be worth it, but I am usually inclined to stay-put. You can then tour and/or dine at other resorts if you want to when the time comes, but you will not need to worry about the hassle of moving if you would really rather be enjoying something else. I think you can actually see and do more by moving less. Plus, less check-ins, luggage transfers, etc means less potential for things to go amiss.


Splits on a short trip would not be my favorite. I would leave well enough alone and do a split on a longer stay. JMHO


The only way I would move to YC would be if you were going to actually be at the hotel, but it doesn’t sound like you will. You’re only going to be sleeping there. Stay at Pop, save your money!


Oh no… stay put at POP! Packing and unpacking, moving, waiting for a room, that’s wasting valuable time.

Stay and save your $$$ @kjsprouse - maybe save some $$$ to do the YC another time. It does look like fun, but we had to move hotels last time (last year, from CBR to POP!), and I wouldn’t do it again. Wasted too much time… boo!

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Thank you all for being the voice of reason. I needed to hear it! I instead put the money toward ROL dinner package at TH on our last day. I’m not sure if we will need dinner package seating but since we really want to see the show I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have it. Even easier decision to spend the extra on the dinner package since we did so well with lodging savings. Thanks again for talking me down!