Another October MM share

Maybe fit4life2, sherrisheppard, and eemden54 can share together. If any of you want to take the initiative to lead a share I can forward you the instructions. If the 3 of you share it would be $56 but I bet you could find others to join as well.

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If It is not too difficult I can definitely try to set one up. If you don’t mind forwarding the instructions. My email address is Thank you

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Sent. There was also another thread someone made a day or 2 ago looking for an October share to join.

New another October Memory Maker Share 2019. I have started a new thread for October MM share if your still interested


I’m going to give out the password in 2 day increments. You will have more than 2 days to download, but this way we won’t all be trying to download at once, slowing down the site.

I started with Dtoles since she traveled first.
Thursday I will give the password to Laura.kearns ( I know it’s Halloween, you don’t have to hurry to try to get them in 2 days) then I will continue in order of our trips every two days.