New another October Memory Maker Share 2019

I am starting up a new group for memory maker in October if anyone is interested. I am new at this but confident that it will go smoothly. It seem like a good many of people were still looking to do a MM Share. Please comment if you are interested. This will have to go fairly quick as my trip starts on October 25.

If you can can get a few more people I’d be in. We are there October 15/16.

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I am interested. My trip is coming up next week, Oct 9-16.

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I’m interested in joining If we can get a few people together. Our trip is Oct 26-Oct 29.

That is four groups already. Can I ask how many people are in each of your groups?
I have 8 total in my group.

There are 3 of us in my family. I am new to the whole memory maker share, but have been wanting to give it a shot. Our quick trip of 3 days just didn’t seem to justify the cost of memory maker, but if I joined a share it was much more doable.

We have 4 people just 1 day for the Halloween party. Doing the day after at waterpark for a couple hours then universal

How do these memory maker shares work? Particularly when people are arriving on different dates? Who has access to my set of photos and vice-versa? Our travel dates are 10/23-11/2.

We have 5 (3 adults, 2 kids).

I will create a dummy account. The Memory Maker will be added to this account. Everyone will be linked to this account. As everyone in our group makes their trips their photos will be added to the dummy account. Everyone will be able to see their photos as they go on their trips. Once everyone has finished their trips I will give everyone the log in information to download their photos and make edits. The edits will be downloaded once edits are complete and everyone will have their own photos.

I will need an email address for each group. Is everyone familiar with Paypal and can send a payment that way. So far if everyone is on board it will be $33.80 per group. If only four groups it will be $42.25.

Does everyone have an account on MDE(My Disney Experience) on Disney’s website?

Thank you eemden54. I have your email now. I have purchased the Memory Maker in the Dummy Account. Please let me know if you want to take part Stauffam and email addresses for the ones that have not given them yet.

My email

I have sent you an email.


@fit4life2 I sent you an invite to join the Dummy MDE account.

@BlizzardPartyof3 and @Stauffam Are you guys still interested in participating in the Memory Maker Sharing. I need your email addresses please. If you prefer you can send me an private email at with your information. I am trying to get everyone on board and linked.


Thank you. @BlizzardPartyof3. I have sent you an email link to connect and also an email from me.

Good Morning everyone. Everyone has been linked and I am sending out PayPal request for the split amount. If anyone has any question feel free to ask. Texting me is the best way to reach me the fastest. I hope that everyone have an amazing trip filled with lots of Pixie Dust. I thank all of you for joining the Memory Maker Share

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