Another nap question

I didn’t want to hijack the other nap thread, but I would love for you all to weigh-in!

I’m going with DH & DD (4 yrs, 11 months- doesn’t nap regularly) for just a few days in September, staying at AOA. Her first trip. We arrive Friday and have ADR at 1900. Then, on Saturday I have a pretty busy TP for MK that starts with ADR pre-RD at BOG. I have set aside a couple hours in the afternoon that isn’t planned out, and then more TP including ADR until midnight. Sunday, we have nothing planned except ADR at 11:30 at CM. Planning to swim at AOA or whatever. Monday, we have MK day 2 that begins with RD and goes thru Wishes. We leave for an early flight the next morning.

With such a short trip, I’m hesitant to plan to leave the park, especially since we are at AOA and I know it will take a while to go back and forth.

She’s usually a trooper, lots of energy, does well in new environments, etc., but am I kidding myself that we don’t need to leave the park for a break? She has never let me push her in a stroller since she could walk, but if she gets super tired, I’m open to grabbing one.

In a word, yes. Not only will your child need a rest period from the parks, but the adults will more than likely need a rest as well. It’s unlikely in your everyday life that you walk 10+ miles in the heat and thunderstorms that Orlando experiences near everyday during that time. My son stopped napping at 11 months, and both of my children took naps during our Disney trips( as little children and as teens). Further, the grow ups in our party slept VERY soundly each afternoon as well. I’m sure at home, your child does not go from sun up to midnight at break neck pace. You need to allow for several(more than 2) hours to recharge/ travel/ freshen up each afternoon. I know it’s hard to think of pulling yourself away from the parks for that time. But, every afternoon and evening, the parks are full of crying, overstimulated children and overwhelmed parents who did not take the nap. Think of those hours away as an investment that the remainder of your time will go smoothly. Your vacation will go much smoother if you allow time for all in your party to escape the beautiful insanity that is Disney.


I absolutely agree. I would also strongly recommend that you rent a stroller, even though DD didn’t usually use one. Last trip, my DDs were almost 7 and they still needed it, and occasionally dropped off to sleep in it. I would rent from offsite - Magic Kingdom was the one I used I think, but I’ve used others in the past.

Even if she doesn’t nap, time away from all the stimulation of the parks will recharge both of you. We’ve been bringing DS6 since he was an infant and I can’t imagine that he would be able to go from RD to Wishes without a complete meltdown at some point. As for the stroller, when we went in February we didn’t want to bring a stroller for him since we have two babies under two as well. Every time a baby was out of the stroller, he hopped in. We ended up bringing an umbrella stroller and parking it in a central stroller parking location. When he pooped out, we went and got it to finish our time in the park. Worked great and we didn’t have to push an empty stroller when he felt like walking.

How exciting!!! She will love AoA! My ds5 loves the nemo splash pad! Anyways… My ds always has extra excitement and energy at Disney… We do day trips… Rd to around dinner… I still have a stroller and he will jump in it (more so to not have to walk through a crowd) when we do stay over night he doesn’t nap but really loves a break at the hotel pool! It’s not too hard to get back to AoA and I suggest hanging there for a little, it so much fun and everyone will prob need a park break :wink: have so much fun!!!

Yes - I’d say nap or at least down time out of the park. I’d personally go 3 days to MK and do RD to 2 or 3 each day. If you need the nighttime shows - then leave one day at noon and come back 4 hours later to finish the park and do the nighttime shows. The days you leave in the afternoon have an AoA afternoon/evening. This is what I’d do - actually what I do on our trips.

I don’t often take breaks during the day - I think it takes so much time to go back and forth and then my kids don’t really settle down anyway. With DS2 and 6, we went rope drop to Wishes without really any problems. I tried to take in park breaks in the afternoon - Hall of Presidents, Country Bear, an ADR. My little one would take naps in a stroller.

You have down days between your big days for a little rest. You know your child if you think she can do it. Just be able to be flexible - I wouldn’t expect to make it to midnight. Try and if things are getting cranky -you can always leave.

Going 3 days would be great but that isn’t an option for us this trip!

I do have 4 hours of downtime on day 1.

I would take a break, especially on your first MK day. Pre-RD to midnight is a very long day. My older DD was 5 on our trip last year and I can’t imagine her lasting for that many hours in a park. Even if she won’t go to sleep (mine didn’t last year either), a swim or just some time watching TV/relaxing in the room will help everyone make it to the end of the night without melting down. It also tends to rain in the afternoons in Sept, so you may avoid being stuck in the park in a downpour by taking an afternoon break.