Another First Time TP User Requesting Feedback

So… my husband is doubting that my itineraries are doable. Don’t get me wrong - I LOVE TOURING PLANS! I have become a complete geek. However, he got me a little scared last night. LOL! What if all my plans are far fetched? Obviously, I used the optimize feature. I even put in rest breaks when possible and put the walking speed down to relaxed. I don’t know how to walk relaxed, but I might after on Day 3 when I’m tired. I’d love any feedback you have. Our daughter is 4. I don’t want to wear her out running to the next thing. If I’ve packed too much in, I’d rather know it now. :slight_smile: OR if I’ve missed something that we really shouldn’t miss, I’d love to know it. Thanks for any help!!! I’ve planned for so long and now I’m doubting myself. I’ll feel so much better if I have some feedback that says these horrible, fix it OR says they look good. I have been since I was a small child so I really know nothing of today’s Disney World. Thanks again!!! (BTW, he would love it if my plans actually worked, but he doesn’t believe it possible.)

1_Nov_AK_Day1.pdf (781.0 KB)

2_Nov_MK_Day2_V2.pdf (1.3 MB)

3_Nov_HS_Day3_AM.pdf (610.0 KB)

3_Nov_MK_Day3_PM.pdf (1.3 MB)

4_Nov_Epcot_Day4_AM.pdf (666.8 KB)

5_Nov__MK_Day5_PM.pdf (1.2 MB)

5_Nov_MK_Day5_AM.pdf (1.3 MB)

Your first AK day looks good. I do think you have to much time before ROL but it is good to have a cushion. Day 2- do you have a back up plan? I am really very nervous about all those 5 minute waits… Day 3 HS looks good, but I would be prepared to give up either Buzz or Astro Orbitor is the park is crazy busy (all non party days at MK have vpbeen crazy!)

I don’t understand your Epcot plan . You will be there all day and night? You are waiting to do Soarin? I do not believe that 30 minute wait- no way. You are planning tier 2 attractions but you did not get fast passes?

I like your last day with the assumption of a long break before the party? I would try to leave earlier in the day and come back closer to 5.

Thanks so much! This is great feedback!

Day 1-AK… I was thinking if we end up with a big cushion, we could backtrack and spend some time walking around Pandora.

Day 2-MK… I guess 5 min waits consistently would be a dream come true, right? I’m completely okay skipping a ride that doesn’t have a FP & extending our day a bit longer to go back to it after 7 dwarfs.

Day 3-HS & MK… I’m completely ok bypassing Astro if it gets too close to time for us to get our spot for fireworks. No sweat there.

Day 4-Epcot… this one was hard. With the tiers, I couldn’t figure out how to take advantage of all 3 FPs. We want to do Soarin. We have a FP for Frozen. Should I use my 2 Tier One FPs on Nemo & Turtle Crush or Spaceship & move them b4 Soarin to try to get a day of FP?

Day 5-MK…yep, that’s probably a good idea and easily doable! I want us to enjoy the Christmas party and we are going to be spent by day 5 anyway.

Again, thanks!!!

I’m surprised you have a FPP for FEA at 10:00. I thought the earliest FPP time for it was 11:00, even though the ride opens with park opening.

Also, you are going to EP during the International Festival of the Holidays. There are lots of extra food spots in WS with holiday foods. Most countries have entertainment, such as Father Christmas in the UK and Pere Noel in France. Very easy to spend lots of time in WS, more than the two hours you show on your plan.

Glad you pointed that out. I did have an earlier FP for FEA, but changed it to the afternoon for additional time in the WS. I sorta flipped everything & it worked out better. So this is actually the wrong plan. EEK! However, I had no idea about the holiday foods. That’ll be fun!!! We may need even more time! Unfortunately, I’m on my phone or I’d upload the current plan.

Just a heads up because no one warned me. But the fp for shows requires you to arrive 15 minutes before show time. I didnt realize this and we showed up for lion king right before show time and we did get in but had to sit at very top last row so we did not benefit from fp so just make sure to allow time in your plan. It looks like most things are doable if all goes as planned but things do happen so be prepared to alter the plan some if you need to. I always tried to make sure to leave an open “rest” time at different intervals throughout the day or strategically put an attraction that we might want to do but if we missed it no one would be really upset if it didn’t work out. That way if we got behind on our schedule we had some built-in times to kind of catch up and maybe skip a ride that was not a top priority,

Also be sure to schedule some extra time around meals. We had an adr one day and waited 30 min before we were seated then took forever to get our orders, then waited to get check and pay. Thank goodness we had planned some open time to just explore at AK that afternoon because we were at restaurant almost 2 hours. I certainly had not planned for that

Have a great trip!!

Great tips! Thank you!!! I have a few things here and there we could ditch, if needed. I’m glad you mentioned that about the shows and meals. I need to make sure we can accommodate both.

Thats good to know, I myself have been wondering if Disney is as punctual as they require us to be! 2 hours for a meal? Is that to be expected? I am 32 days out we are going during hell week…right between Christmas and NYE. Appreciate the tips.

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I’ll be there the same time! :slight_smile:
I’m expecting some delays getting seated and am planning a min of 90 mins for every sit down meal, and planning on arriving a little earlier than my adr.

Hopefully they prepare well for the influx and it doesn’t take forever!

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I don’t think I could handle the week between Christmas and NYE quite yet. LOL! I hear it is super busy. I don’t think I’m experienced enough to plan around that yet.

Most of our meals took maybe 75 min. Character meals probly 90 min Guess they were short staffed the day of our 2 hour lunch. Idk. But just know there can be delays that you have no control over. We had to wait probly 15 to 20 min to be seated at Ohana, crystal palace, Biergarten and rain forest cafe AK and others have said CRT can have a wait the later in the day. Then paying bill at end for some reason can take a while depending on your server. If you are wanting to get finished more quickly, asking for check and paying early in meal will help and of course if you don’t mind missing a character or two. If you are eating at BOG order ahead! Have fun on your trip


As if I needed an excuse to hit the Evaluate button :sunglasses: I like those time buffers, thanks for the tip!

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I hope you are right! I just want to try and avoid situations where we are late for our next FP, and have time to take in the atmosphere…

It’s our first trip, coming from aus. I’m a teacher so there’s not really an option for timing, must be during our summer break, which also happens to be our Christmas break.


Wow that is a long way to come! If distance were a badge you would have it in spades :smiley:
Me and the fam are on Xmas break and flying in from Europe, meeting family that still lives in the US for a 3 generation Xmas because its nearly the only time of the year where all the school holidays line up! Hopefully jetlag works to your advantage for making RD and EMH!


The reunion sounds fun!

Jet lag will definitely not be our friend- 18 hours behind us! I’m hoping to have everyone apart from DH adjusted to the time change before we leave to make it easier. DH very dumbly only asked for time off for the actual date we are leaving until the date we are arriving (it’s a blackout period in his workplace- he’s only allowed the time off because the holiday was booked before he was employed there). He’s going to feel the consequences of that mistake!