Another Fastpass question for Epcot

AuntB, that is what I have read about the FP, and from my experiences. This included on here and other places. If it is incorrect then I sorry. I would like to know where this is at where you can book at different parks, because that wasn’t anything I have seen. Of course, I have always booked all 3 FP inadvance

@davidjjenkins1961 You are correct you can do FPP as you stated above. I should clarify it is only the “you must” that is incorrect. That is not the only option. You can also chose to pre-book only one (or two) FPP in a single park. Then after you scan your first FPP in that park you can book the next two (or one) FPP in any park. This would include another tier 1 in a different park. For example, I could pre book Soaring in EP. Then after I scanned my Soaring FPP via the APP I could book HS RNR and Star Tours FPP same day. See @missoverexcited and @bethro23 statements above. My last live run on this was in December but I don’t think anything has changed in the FPP system to prevent this.

thanks @AuntB_luvsDisney I did not know of the other way to do this.