Another Fastpass question for Epcot

Sorry if this has already been asked, but didn’t find an answer. If you only book 1 fastpass in Epcot and it’s a tier 1, can you book another tier 1 after using the first?

No. It’s complicated. If you book 2 tier 2s for before your tier 1, you can let them expire, use your tier 1 and then book another. If the tier 2s are after your tier 1, you have to actually use them (as I understand it) before booking another tier 1. This is in the same park.

You can however just book and use a tier 1 in Epcot, then immediately book another tier 1 in Hollywood Studios.

Thanks for response. I figured that would probably be the case :frowning:

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How do you know what tier each attraction is?

Search for it on My Disney Experience or touring plans should list them. Epcot and HS are the only parks that have tiers. the other two, it doesn’t matter

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Ok. As long as MK isn’t part of the list. I just took two days to schedule our plans…I would cry if I had to redo them to reflect tiers. LOL!

No don’t cry! You’re good

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So does the rule about the first three FastPasses being in the same park only apply if you’re making the reservations in advance? This business about doing a using just one FP in Park A and then reserving a FP in Park B works as long as it’s day-of?

Correct. So in Park A, you could make 1 reservation (or even 3) in advance, and then once you have used all you made in Park A, you can make another in park B

You can make 1, 2 or 3 in advance but they must be in the same park. Once you’ve used your prebooked one or more, you can book for a different park on the app.

At 11:30 or noon, Is it possible to get another tier 1 before 3pm on a level 6-8 day, or will they all be gone?

I guess it’s always possible, but on a CL 6-8, it’s probably doubtful. Certainly doesn’t hurt to try. Having said that when I just checked Epcot for this Saturday January 7 (CL 7) there are still Soarin and Test Track fast passes available all day - both are Tier 1

People cancel all the time - if you don’t see anything, just keep checking. No guarantees though…

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Don’t give up! I just found 3 7DMT FPP for tomorrow with CL10! It is possible! Just keep checking maniacally!!!

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You can make the tier 2 FP+ for early and just let them expire and use your tier 1 FP+, then as soon as you scan your band, make the 4th FP+ and as long as there are still any tier 1 FP available, you will be able to make one.

Thanks. that’s exactly what I did

So, hang on: just want to clarify what I think people are saying:

  1. If I get a Tier 1 Fastpass in advance for Epcot, first thing in the morning, and decline to get any Tier 2 Fastpasses, once I’ve used my Tier 1 Fastpass, I cannot book a second Tier 1 Fastpass in Epcot.
  2. Same situation: I’ve used my Tier 1 Fastpass, and I can get a Tier 1 Fastpass at Hollywood Studios (if available).
  3. Same situation: I’ve used my Tier 1 Fastpass, and I can book three new Fastpasses at Magic Kingdom (if available).

Is all that correct?

You must use or let the time expire on the 3 passes at the first park before you can book any others, at that park or any other park. It doesn’t work to book a Tier 1 FP at Epcot and use it, then try to book another Tier 1 there, and you can’t book at another park either. You must book all 3 (1 Tier 1 and 2 tier 2) for one park, then either use then or let the times expire and then you can start on a new FP which can be any FP attraction at any park.

Number 1 correct
Number 2 correct
Number 3 incorrect
If you use your tier 1 you then can book 2 FPP at MK to total your 3. After that one at a time

This is not true.