Another EMM question

Fantasyland EMMis being offered over our spring break trip on Sunday and Tuesday. We will not have park hoppers, so the rest of the day will be spent at MK. I’m thinking of doing it on Sunday. The crowd calendar has Sunday as a 7, Tuesday as an 8, but more importantly, I think Tuesday is the lowest crowd day for HS.
I guess my question is do you think it matters which day I choose? I’m rearranging our days to accommodate this. My thinking is the earlier in the week the better-we’ll be ready to wake up early. I do feel suspicious about the crowd levels those day, why would a Tuesday be busier than Sunday?
We will not be doing any after hours, late nights are not my family’s thing. But we are going to do a HEA dessert party-I’m going to have to reschedule the one I’ve got right now. Other than some fancy dinners (we like food), those are our extras.

The difference between a 7 and an 8 isn’t even noticeable. Just do it wherever fits in with your plans.


Take all factors into consideration, and do not forget wakeup time, and travel time to be at EMM when it starts. Pretty expensive to be late. Also factor in a break or if you think you’ll be hitting a wall later in the day after emm to make the best decision on which day for the fam.

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I wouldn’t make a park choice based on a 7 vs an 8. If it was more dramatic like a 4 vs an 8, then I would let that be a factor in my decision. When dealing with a 7 vs an 8, I would pick the day that otherwise works best for my family’s schedule.


Ok-here’s an idea for our itinerary. Thoughts?
Saturday (3/23) Epcot-RD-early evening. Including maybe a break. Eat around the world.
Sunday MK EMM-early evening. Dinner Cal Grill
Monday Epcot late start-Illuminations. dinner?
Tuesday AK-RD til ROL, break in middle to AKL for long lunch at Sanaa
Wednesday HS late start-F! Dinner at Flying Fish. Maybe the F! Dessert box?
Thursday MK either RD-HEA dessert party with a long afternoon break or late start & stay at park for the day.
Friday open day-allow DD to pick which park she wants extra time at. I’m trying to think ahead about possible FPP to get ahead of time with an assumption that we may trash them if she chooses differently. Also, assumption we will RD wherever she chooses.

Thoughts? My initial thought was we’d do RD, break in the afternoon, evening touring every day, but I’m wondering if this above makes more sense? Obviously, you can’t know how my family is going to do, but wondering if this will work.

I take midday breaks very cautiously. My family can go go go all day - from RD to fireworks. Once DH and DD are in the park, they often find so many things to keep them entertained that it’s hard to force a midday break. On the few times we have forced the break, it’s hard to get them back out again… either the resort arcade or pool has now gotten their attention. You know your family best.

How old is your DD?

She’ll be 10.

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As for EMM - we left our hotel lobby at 7:15am and didn’t make it to check in until precisely 7:45am. It didn’t affect our touring, but if I do the EMM on a future trip, I’ll leave my hotel at 6:45am just to allow some more breathing room.


Ok, another wrench in the plan. DH is not thrilled with the idea of adding on EMM, so I’m back to touring without it. Still struggling to get my days mapped in a way I think will really work.
Saturday-MK RD, afternoon break, HEA fireworks party (before or after???)
Sunday-Epcot maybe a late start? Sunshine seasons for lunch, eat around the World for dinner, stay for Illuminations
Monday-here’s a question. Either our 2nd Epcot day or a late start at HS
Dinner at California Grill or Flying Fish, depending
Tuesday-AK, all day, long lunch at Sanaa
Wednesday-either HS or Epcot depending what we did on Monday
——HS is our “rest day”, there’s just not that much we want to do there. No ToT or RRC for us.
Thursday- PPO BOG? Finish early?

My thinking is a “rest day” after full day of AK would be good. Downside I don’t have the ADRs for this right now.

Also, would you keep PPO BOG, or do lunch there? Food looks more interesting at lunch, but I think the advantage of PPO might be worth it?

anyone know when EMM will be added as an option for touring plans for March 2019? I am about to buy EMM tickets for 3/12, but I cannot add it to my touring plan.

Also, is there time to do all the Fantasyland attractions that are open during EMM before the park opens?

were you able to take the bus that early or did you use other transportation?

We decided to use Uber because at 7:15 I already knew we were cutting the time too close. Buses do run that early, but I wasn’t willing to risk waiting. Uber was there in less than 2 minutes.

When we did EMM, they only offered 3 rides. We rode 7DMT about 6 times - some of them with a few trains wait, and PPF 1x before heading to breakfast. We skipped WTP. I would pick my priority rides and ride only those during EMM - leaving the remainder for regular park hours. With the newly expanded selection, some of these are not quick rides… I wouldn’t waste my EMM time doing IASW or Under the Sea for example. I’d probably also skip the princess meet & greet. But these are personal opinions.
•The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
•Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
•Peter Pan’s Flight!*
•Princess Fairytale Hall
•“it’s a small world”
•Mad Tea Party
•Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid

Have you ever been inside of the Beast’s castle? It really is a sight. I’ve been several times and now don’t need to keep seeing it again. I personally don’t like their lunch all that much. I had dinner before it went to a fixed price menu. I’ve never had their breakfast. PPO BOG can be a great strategy if managed properly. We’re more slow and relaxed eating pace and don’t like to feel rushed thru a meal. It’s really a personal decision.

Does your DH realize that the price includes a full buffet breakfast? It’s a great breakfast too!!! That really softened the blow for me, because at face value it does seem very expensive.

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Yeah, it’s a no go for us. But I did decide to keep both reservations for BOG😂. On our first day to enjoy the space at lunch (we’ve never been) and then early access in our second day.