Annual passholder rate applicable to more than 1 room

Hi- does anyone know if we can apply annual passholder rates to more than 1 room? We are a family of 6 traveling with my parents and are looking to book 3 rooms with 1 annual pass. Is it allowed?
Thank you

You should be able to do it. However, you’ll need to call it in.

IME - The online system won’t allow you to book overlapping dates / rooms. Whenever I am checking for a lower rate online I can’t book the new rate until cancel the overlapping reservation

I’ve booked 2 AP rooms online several times (in years past) with no problems, but don’t know about 3 (and don’t know if anything’s changed per @darkmite2). Technically there is supposed to be a passholder in each room (i.e. one room per pass).


I called HRH hotel last week because we currently only have 1 active pass for two rooms, and the person who answered the phone said someone in the second room would have to show an AP to get the room.

Now at check in two years ago, i wasn’t asked for a second AP, and we still got the rate, but I’m a rule follower, and so we will have two passes for two rooms.

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Another quick update - no issue having 1 annual pass for more than 1 room. I actually had 2 rooms at cabana bay for 4 night and 2 ghost rooms at hard rock for 1 night and neither hotel even asked to see my pass when checking in.