Annual Passholder Discounts Released

It’s January and there are no passholder discounts available yet for March. Any idea when Universal will make these available?

For Prime Value and Value resorts, I can see APH rates through the end of March. For deluxe hotels, I can see APH rates through 3/9.

I was able to book 4 nights at CB and 3 nights at HRH last week for early March. I think they just came out recently

Try this link… It’s to the “older” reservation system. Sometimes the better AP rates are there…

However, be aware you are looking during Spring Break season. There may not be any AP rates. More than once this year I’ve been unable to find anything for APs


It is interesting, because the rate I booked at without an AP last year (for May 7-16, 2023) is still less than the AP rate. When I look at it from a daily basis, the per-day cost is less for the AP rate NOW by about $6/night. But on the weekends, the AP rate NOW is almost $30/night MORE.


Exactly! I have gotten better rates using the “Savvy Traveler” discount rates they put out every 3 months or so

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The good news is that I was able to rebook my son and DIL’s room on the AP discount. They are only staying 5 nights, which doesn’t include a weekend. This will save them about $80 total.


Plus, booking far in advance helps. My room is $77 per night for Feb., but I booked it in August. Then, I keep rechecking for a lower rate. I try to tell everyone how affordable Universal is if you book 4+ months in advance.

I wish I could renew my AP, but I literally don’t have anymore vacation time. I used up all the time off I was allowed to save when I worked through the pandemic. I won’t have any significant time accrued until this summer. Plus, if I renew I know it’ll be “burning a hole in my pocket” to use it!


I am reading reports of Passholder rates through May.

I did find AP rates yesterday. The discount was about $15 off / night - if you were booking in the next 30 - 45 days