Annual Passes and retirement

Prior to this whole Covid thing, I was in the process of planning a trip. Obviously, it all fell apart. Now I am thinking of a different plan.

So I have 2 questions:

  1. any idea if and when annual passes will return for purchase?
  2. Any Tips or suggestions for finding a vacation / retirement home near WDW?

I am getting to that age where it is time to start thinking about retirement, and what better place than Florida.
If the annual passes are never coming back, then part 2 is kind of moot.



Annual Passes should come back eventually! We did a poll recently and people guessed they would be sold later this year or perhaps in 2022. No one knows exactly when, but once distancing and park capacity limits are a thing of the past, APs should return.

Congrats on your imminent retirement and I hope you find a great place to live near Disney! There are so many options, depending on your price range. Anything from $5M mansions in Golden Oak adjacent to Port Orleans resort, or more modest homes and condos in the surrounding cities (including Celebration, a town formerly run by Disney). Generally the closer to Disney the more expensive, but of course that depends on the size and quality of the development.

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Woohoo for moving to Florida. We bought a house in July. Our last stop after 20+ years in USAF. We looked in Orlando but ended up closer to the coast. Get a good agent. We bought the house virtually. PM if you want more details. Good luck!


The timing of retirement and (FL) AP sales are definitely a conundrum. I retired last year, then COVID hit…so sadly, no FL AP for me. After what the entire world experienced in 2020/2021, I feel like travel/fun issues are not high on our “important” list. That being said, I hope Disney gets back on track soon, and all our retirement dreams come true. Good luck to all!


I have to agree with you about this whole COVID thing, it make you think about other things, which has greatly changed my plans.

My original plans were not to retire for another 17 years, but I live in a locked down state, where my governor invoked the Riot Act to lock down a city with curfews and roadblocks to limit people in and out of the city.

I really appreciate DeSantis and his not mandating masks and forbidding Vaccine Passports not just for the state agencies, but for businesses in Florida.

So, I figured if Florida was a decent place to move to, then why not be near Disney.

Anyways, I am taking my time, but I hope to have a place in Florida before the winter rolls in.


I moved to southeast FL in 2000, and it was the best thing I could have done for my career. I was able to retire soon after my 60th birthday. Living in FL part time, near Orlando was always part of my retirement plan. I hope you are able to fulfill yours as well. Best of luck in the remainder of the year!

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