Annual Pass Upgrade

Need advice from the experts: Going to WDW in Dec. 10 day hopper passes with FD. Spontaneous trip to DLR with my sister. Should I upgrade to a premium pass for discounts etc? If so what is the best way to go about doing it?

You would need a Premier pass to access both WDW & DL. Run the numbers. Each Premier Passport can be purchased for $1,029 (Guests age 3 and older), plus tax.

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If you were already buying an AP it may seem more worthwhile. You could get TIW and the merchandise discount is 10%. To jump from 10 day hoppers to premier pass is a lot of money. It depends on how many days you’ll want at DL and if you want it’s flexibility at WDW. Good luck choosing :smile:

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If you decide to do this - and like others said, you have to run the numbers for yourself, accounting for admission to DLR as well as discounts on hotel, food, merch, and parking - you need to do it at WDW, within the first 14 days of your 10D PH’s use, and before you use the last day of your 10D PH. Take your ticket to any Guest Relations location, and specify that you want to upgrade to the bicoastal “Premiere Passport”, not the Premium Annual Pass.

A 10D PH is $440.91. A PP is $1,009.84. Leaving you with an upgrade fee of $568.93. Even a 5 day park hopping ticket to DLR is only $305. So that means you need to make up $263.93 in discounts. Let’s assume you’re offsite at WDW and DLR. That’s 10 days of parking at WDW, so $170. Assuming again a 5 day trip to DLR, that’s another $85, for $255 total. That leaves $8.93 you need to make up in merchandise and food discounts, which is definitely doable.

So might it make sense for you? Yes. Is it definite? Absolutely not. Again, you need to run the numbers for your specific situation.



Thanks @Mr_Itty. I will be going to DLR first. So I wouldn’t be able to upgrade at WDW. I am also slightly concerned what upgrading at DLR would do to my WDW package. We stay onsite at WDW and offsite this time at DLR. But husband just told me we will he at DLR again in January for 5 days for a conference!!! We will be onsite then. We will definitely be able to make up the difference in discounts. If I buy a DL annual pass do you think I might be able to upgrade at WDW after we arrive?

You won’t be able to upgrade at DLR, for the simple reason that you won’t have your WDW tickets by then, so you have nothing to upgrade.

And no, you can’t combine your DLR AP and your WDW 10D PH to result in a PP. All upgrades are 1 to 1. 1 old ticket plus cash equals 1 new ticket.

For my October trip, I am planning on purchasing a 4 day non-hopper tix. Thinking of upgrading to an AP for a tentative February trip. I just need to upgrade between my first and last day of my tix?Can I do this at concierge or just at Guest Relations? TIA.

Yes, before you use the last day. Not sure if concierge can do it, but I somewhat doubt it.