Annual Pass Renewal Expiration Question

Hi everyone,

I got a seasonal pass that should be expiring in January (that’s the date I paid to upgrade my ticket). Today, when I went on the website to renew, when I put in my information, it showed expiration date as November 22, 2022. Shouldn’t the expiration be the date of first use, or is it from the first time I purchased the ticket? I didn’t pay to renew yet because I was confused by this. Has anyone had the same problem?

It should be the date of first use.

But I’m confused by the date you paid to upgrade your ticket part…

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So, I purchased regular tickets some time in November for January. In January, as soon as I went into the park, I went to guest services, and paid to upgrade my regular ticket to the season pass.

I purchased my Premium AP’s on July 18 2021. I had to renew by July 18 2022. If you renew I was told that your anniversary date is your activation date on renewals. I found if I stayed with Premium on renewal instead of dropping down one class which would then not be a renewal, I saved about 50% from original cost of the Premium AP’s. Therefore, I just kept the Premium AP’s which include Volcano Bay which we do not use. The original AP’s were purchased by a TA but were more than we needed.

Then yeah, your renewal date should be January. I would call and ask what’s up.

My APs were purchased on April 24, 2022. I exchanged tickets that day and paid the difference. It was also the first day we used them. In the app for awhile, it said they expired on December 24. I called Universal and they said the expiration date was indeed April 24, 2023. At some point, after updating the app a few times, it now has the correct expiration. You should call to be sure but sometimes the app can be weird.

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I have had this same issue this year. I called and spoke with a TM. It’s a glitch. You can totally ignore it. Your expiration date is the anniversary of the first date of use. (When they took your fingerprint)

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Also coming here to echo it’s a glitch that’s been reported by several AP holders on message boards.

Thank you all for your advice and help! I was on the phone with them just now, and on their end, it showed November as well, and the lady on the phone thought that was weird, too. She fixed it on her end, and it took a few minutes, and it updated on my app as well! Thank you all again!