Annual Pass Question?

Here’s the situation:

I have an 11 day trip coming ip in august with the wife and kid, 7 day park pass. We are leaving the day before GE opens so like any self respecting nerd ive booked a long weekend at the end of September with my brother to go see that.

If replace my 7 day ticket with an annual pass, can i set the start date to whenever i want?

If you upgrade your ticket to an annual pass the start date will be the first day you use the ticket.


Be careful of your dates if you upgrade.

If both your stays are within 30 days of each other, you will not be able to book FPs for the second stay until you have used up days from the first. Even if staying onsite for both. Unless you forgo a day or two from stay #1.

Hmmm. It is exactly 30 days. I leave Aug 28th and then head back Sept 27th. Will that work?

Not sure.

Maybe someone with an AP can clarify the wording. But even if it says “you can hold FPs for any seven days within a 30 day period”, that still leaves room for ambiguity.

It also says you can have FPs for your length of stay up to 14 days. Have I read you are saying that on-site is being limited within 30 days?

So as an AP holder it would never make sense to go for more than a week at a time (or maybe 10 days with rest days). That doesn’t seem fair.

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So, I decided this is just crazy, so I called the Annual Passholder hotline and spoke with a CM.

The answer was that if an AP holder has on-site reservations, she can make FPPs for up to 14 days and that includes 2 separate stays. So in my case (Dec 7-14 and Jan 3-7) I will be able to make FPPs (if there are any – that’s a different problem!) for all of those days. The system is set up to allow this.


In practice though, this has always been a problem.

I have lost count of the number of threads and posts there have been over on the DIS from people who haven’t been able to book for the second onsite stay.

In many cases, the AP helpline can help, but often the solution has been for them to book the FPs - and that means they can’t be modified. But sometimes people just find themselves hitting their head off a brick wall.

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For one onsite stay longer than 7 days it isn’t a problem (except sometimes for the DS resorts).

For two onsite stays within a month of each other, this is a constant complaint on the DIS.

I thought the last update fixed this? I have such a hard time keeping track of how many times they have messed up the system.

The CM told me that when I go on line at 60 days out from my second trip the system is not allowing me to book, if I call the Annual Passholders hotline they can fix it. So I will be certain to report when I get to that point!


To be clear. This isn’t about the window not opening. That was a different problem and was fixed.

This is an issue with MDE and you will likely get a message saying “You have reached your limit on FPs. Please add a new ticket media to book more”, or something similar.

I understood the issue. I also know for a while when people called they were told it was because there was a 7 day limit. I just thought it was fixed.

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Fair enough.

Haven’t seen anything, but it would be nice to think they would do something. It’s been one of the big disadvantages of an AP for as long as I’ve been reading forums.

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Well, i guess ill let you know when i hit my 2nd FP window