Annual Pass question-- procedure after ordering online

Hey~ I ordered annual passes for my husband and I about 45 days ago, and we received the email confirmation but nothing else. Is there something else coming in the mail? Is there supposed to be a little attachment for the magicband?

Did you look in your MDE account? You should see it under tickets.

After you activate you will be able to go into MDE under MBs and customize your AP MB.

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Your confirmation email should advise you to take the email to a guest relations cast member at the parks or Disney Springs in order to activate your passes and receive your passholder IDs. Truth is they can look you up if you don’t have the email, but it’s a lot faster if they can scan that barcode.

The little passholder doo-hickey for the magic band will come with your AP magic bands (which you’ll be able to customize on MDE after you redeem your passes).

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Awesome. Thanks, guys. :slight_smile: