Annual Pass Parking - do you get a receipt?

Preliminary planning for our next trip with extended family: If I have an annual pass but no one else in our group does, how does parking work? Ideally, I’d like for us all to go for RD. Park for free with annual pass. Then at naptime, Nana takes the kiddos (there will be 2 on our next trip!) back to the airbnb. When she returns, will she have a receipt to show for parking? Or will she have to pay because she doesn’t have the annual pass?

They have always scanned our magic band and asked for an ID. Since there is no payment there is no need for a receipt. She would have to pay.

Boo. That’s what I thought.

Can you ask for a receipt? It doesn’t make sense that you’d get in once, but not later just because someone else is driving the vehicle. The annual pass got the car in.

Although, I suppose I could see scammers going in with their annual pass, asking for a receipt, then driving out, giving the receipt to someone else, and then both driving back in again, one using the receipt, the other scanning back in with their MB.

What would the receipt be for? You are not paying anything.

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Simply as evidence that your car was allowed in and should be allowed in again later, even if there is a different driver. They might be able to do it if they included the car license plate on the original receipt. But, I suppose scammers could get around that by trading cars.

or selling the receipt at 1/2 the price of parking


As usual, those with legitimate use-cases are foiled by those who decide to take advantage of the system!

Thinking about how Disney might allow for this, I think the only way they could is if the annual pass holder, when they check in at the parking booth, inform the attendant that there will be a reentry with someone else in the vehicle. At that point, they would scan both the annual passholder’s band, AS WELL AS the band of the person who will later return. It would allow ONLY that person to return, and ONLY in the same vehicle.

Hmm. But then again, I suppose they could just immediately leave, the annual passholder jumps in a second car, and they both return, with the passenger from the first go-around now driving the first vehicle. Which means the annual passholder should only be allowed in a second time if it is in the same vehicle as the first time.

Of course, the system would have to be updated to accommodate such a use case for a scenario that probably doesn’t happen a whole lot.

Yeah, I’m sure this is a rare scenario: staying offsite and leaving mid-day. Maybe we’ll have to suck it up and stay onsite. But I really like not having to share a room with my toddler!

The car is only allowed in for free because the AP holder is in it. No AP holder, no right to park for free.

Yeah, I know. But at the same time, if anyone else pays to park, they get in, and can leave, and it doesn’t matter who drives the same vehicle in (or even if it IS the same vehicle) again later that day. They just show the receipt.

Ah well. No matter. Although, I DID consider getting my wife an annual pass in addition to me so that for our May 2020 trip, she could ride with my DS and DIL in their car and get them into the parking for free. But it ultimately wouldn’t save quite enough to make it worth it.

But we can also get an entire house for less than $200 a night, so maybe $125 for 5 days of parking isn’t so bad after all.

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Yes. This is quite true. We are paying $1600 for 10 nights in a 5-bedroom home with a private pool, hot tub, and game room.

Paying for parking is far cheaper than switching to anything on-site, for sure!

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Do you have an extra magic band that she could use for them to scan when she comes back to park? It’s still your car and your kids, I would t see that as scamming the system…

They also require photo ID, so sharing an extra magic band wouldn’t be enough, I’m afraid.

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Wouldn’t this mean that you could set yourself up as a valet parking person with just one AP? :wink: Just joking. I think that the AP benefits have to attach, limpet like, to the AP (and his/her credit card) and not be transferable to family or friends or the AP’s car, otherwise why would anyone buy more than one AP per family/ group?

Maybe Nana could Uber back and forth with the kids?

I think that would be cost prohibitive based on where we’d be staying. If I lump the parking fee in with the overall housing savings, it’s not too bad. Also, we just decided to drive so that saved us about $1750 in airfare and rental car.