Annual Pass Memory Maker Share - is this possible?

I did the MM share with other liners for our last vacation and it worked great. However, I wasn’t involved in ANY planning (lucky me!) and all I had to do was pay & follow download directions by a certain deadline. Awesome.

Here’s my current situation: My DD will be down in WDW for the DCP program from Aug. 7th - Jan 4th. I have spoken with Disney and there isn’t any kind of long term deal for MM at all.
Is there a way for someone who has an AP w/MM privileges to share this with me for a price?
Should I attempt to link her in several different MM shares every few months?

Not sure if it’s worth mentioning or not, but we are planning a pre-DCP vacation arriving 8/2 and I personally won’t go back until 11/26-12/2.
My DD will have her magic band and I assume will have tons of pics taken.

Bumping …
If this is something frowned upon by AP holders just let me know!

I believe that if you are MDE friends with someone who has the MM through an AP that your pictures will show up in their MM; however, I have not tried this out.

Thanks, problem is, only person I know that has an AP is letting theirs expire at the end of June & we don’t arrive until Aug.
I think I may just join an Aug. MM share and then do the same each month.

Hmm, I was wondering about this as well!

If you have a friend with an AP and are friends in MDE, do they have to be on site at the same time for our photos to show in their Memory Maker? And they can download them all for you?

That would be neat.

You have to link thru MDE. A very kind liner reached out to me and offered to do this for me. I’ll be forever grateful! I don’t know specifics yet because we aren’t doing this till August.

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Sorry this is an old thread… but I can confirm that at WDW a Memory Maker share where the APH is the “host” works just fine (so long as its an annual pass that includes Memory Maker, like a Platinum Pass). And the APH doesn’t have to be there.

Last May, my Father-in-Law, his GF and their daughter (my kid sister-in-law) were down at the same time as my wife and I. We linked them to us (wife and I have WDW Platinum Passes), all of their pictures (even those taken in another park from us) showed in their MDE accounts with water marks, as well as in my MDE account WITHOUT water mark. I could embellish (at stickers, borders, etc) and download them no problem and no extra payments.

In Feb this year, our neighbors went down (without us). Again, I linked them with me… As they had pictures taken, they scanned their band, and I could see them in my MDE account without water marks. When they got home from their trip, they came over to our house, added stickers, etc… and downloaded from my account.

Just make sure that all those friends who want the pictures are friends in MDE with the APH, and have set the APH to be able to download their pictures.

Mike M


Very cool - thanks so much for the details!

This is an older thread…I just wanted to check and see if anyone knows if this has changed at all. Specifically, I’m the annual passholder and am joining my brother and his family on a vacation. However, their trip starts 3 days before mine. We will be linked on MDE, so will I be able to download any of their pictures, even before I arrive?

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Yes you will. I have several friends who are linked through with me through MDE and because I have an AP their pictures show up in my account (even their trips that I am not on). As the passholder you are the only one who can download the pictures.

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Perfect, this is exactly the info I was looking for! Thank you!

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