Annual Pass Information

I don’t see anything about this posted.

AP Holders on the monthly payment plan have two options:

  1. You can have the monthly payments stopped, and payments made since the park closure refunded. In this case the expiration date of the AP remains the same as now.

It sounds like this is the default option.

  1. You can continue to make your monthly payment and the AP will be extended by however many days the parks remain closed. Details on how to select this option will be available soon.

AP Holders who have paid in full also have 2 options:

  1. The already announced one, whereby the AP will be extended by however many days the parks remain closed. This sounds like the default option.

  2. You can choose to have a partial refund for the period the parks have been closed. Details on how to choose this option will be available soon.

All info here, including tickets, packages etc.


I think that’s universal. But you have linked to the UK site (I am hesitant to click on it because once I get over there to the UK I can’t seem to convince my browser to come back stateside LOL).

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Yeah…that happened to me as well. But it makes sense. We’re not supposed to travel to the UK from the US right now… :slight_smile:


The link was from a post elsewhere, but it automatically redirected me to the UK site. Then I clicked on the banner at the top about the closure.

It is universal, it’s being discussed elsewhere. If you go to the US site (which I can’t get on to any more), I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. And maybe post a link to the US site too, just to confirm it’s the same,


On Disney’s page of WDW travel info, you can “tip open” the section on annual passes and see their latest wording.

A blog post regarding it too


Wasn’t suggesting you were not correct. I just know that UK folks have different rules and offers than US folks a lot of the time


Seems that they are doing the same thing for ap’s in DL. I would really just rather keep paying and have my pass extended, but it seems that you have to call them to make the choice. ugh. I’m sure that will take some time.

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Well I have had my AP for a little short of a year now without being able to even get it activated. Both of our trips were canceled because of a death in the family and now the virus. It is my understanding that until you activate it for the first time, It remains with 365 days from date of first use. Hopefully good forever until use.

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Should be until 2030…at least that is the case for mine.

I have a Gold AP which is blacked out for April 4-17. I’m wondering if those 2 weeks will be included in my “credited” days or not. I realize it’s not a huge deal, but I’m bored. :grinning:And also, what does everyone think–will our AP renewal date update to the “new” date moving forward or will the additional days just be for the current pass?

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It would have to move the date permanently, because otherwise you’d get shortchanged on the next year’s renewal, right?

I guess I’m not sure what you’re suggesting. But if those are blacked out in the Gold AP, then whether or not the pandemic happened, you wouldn’t have gotten an extra two weeks because they were blacked out. I’m not sure why they would credit you those any differently.

I believe the question is, if WDW is closed for 2 months, will they extend the AP by the full 2 months, or only the portion that wasn’t blacked out? (I would think they’ll be generous and do the whole 2 months, but they would have a valid rationale if they didn’t.)

Ah. I see. Thanks. It could be argued either way, I guess…but I think they would most likely give the full two months if I had to guess. I just can’t see them taking the time to be that stingy. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I agree, but who knows what they will end up doing.

The reason I wondered about the blackout dates was that I am considering not renewing my AP in Nov so I was calculating how many extra days I will have on my AP IF they open back up on 6/1 and the latest possible dates my AP would still be valid. The blackout dates over the Christmas holidays are also going to come into play for me as well with my late Nov renewal date.

Agreed… and just for the sake of making the argument, blackout dates are blackout dates. Whether the park is open or closed on certain days in april doesn’t change that.

So, if they extend the expiration until some future date, I would think the extension would be subject to the normal blackout schedule and not some pro-rated or adjusted schedule. WHich could either benefit a passholder (by including more available dates than she would have had) or not (by including more blacked-out dates than she would have had).

Little off subject here but on the same path. I was just notified by Delta that my cancelation vouchers went from one year to two years before I now have to book a new flight.

I put significantly more down than was asked, so I definitely don’t want the refund, I want the extension. I guess I better get dialing!

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