Annual Pass FP+ clarification

There was concern expressed by others (and myself) about the limit on Annual passholders to only be allowed to schedule 7 days of FPPs.

I checked into this, and it isn’t quite as concerning. Here is the text directly from Disney’s FAQ:

“Annual Passholders may secure up to 3 experiences per day up to 30 days in advance. Your pass allows you to plan 7 days of FastPass+ selections within any 30-day period for one park per day. Secure up to 3 experiences per day up to 30 days in advance—starting at 7:00 AM Eastern Time. And if plans change, it’s easy to update or cancel your selections.”

“Passholders with reservations at a Disney Resort hotel can start making FastPass+ selections up to 60 days prior to check-in for the entire length of your stay.”

So, this effectively means I have no concern at all. For our May 2020 trip, we are only doing 5-6 days at Disney. And for December 2020, while we are doing 8 nights, it isn’t limited to the 7 day limit because we’ll be staying on-site.

Just wanted to post this to alleviate any others who had the same worry.


Thanks! I have a 10 day onsite trip in June. I would not be happy if I could only make 7 days of FPP for me (I have an AP), while I could make 10 days for my DD24 and niece (I’m getting them 10 park hoppers).

That wording has not changed with the recent system updates.


So the question I have, that maybe someone has experience with, is what if you have 2 stays scheduled within a 30 day period? Will that cause any problems? I assume not, but I guess I probably shouldn’t assume anything about MDE…

It’s possible that I will take a 3 day adults trip in October and then an early November family trip. It is possible this will be within 30 days of one another. I would imagine that staying onsite overrides everything else, but does this ever cause problems? The family trip would not be more than 8 days (probably fewer FPP days because we’ll go to USF for a couple days).

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Interesting question. I’ve never had two trips that close together, so I don’t know. I would hope that the onsite stay would override the other AP rules.

I’ve never done it either, and I need to verify that an AP will even save me money, but I’m thinking free Memory Maker and dining discounts will be enough to justify at least one AP. Might think about a DAH also, then I’m sure it would be cost effective.

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I hope they don’t change it. I’m not usually a complainer, but I will be if I don’t get my 10 days of FPP for staying onsite! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Based on the wording, if you are staying on site, it shouldn’t matter. The 7 day limit in 30 days applied to off-site, 30-day ahead FPP, not 60 day on-site.

I did have this problem last year. I have an AP and we had two onsite stays that were just a few weeks apart. I could only book 7 days of FPPs between the two trips. I called and was told I could only do 7 days despite two onsite stays. But according to lots of people on this forum, I should called and spoken to someone else. I should have been able to do it.

I would call armed with this link in the ready:

While one COULD read it that you are only allowed 7 day limits across any 30 days, regardless of whether on or off site state, the part about the on-site resort guests contradicts this because it says you can book 60 days plus ENTIRE LENGTH OF STAY. Not ENTIRE LENGTH OF STAY, up to 7 days.

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Yes, there was definitely a glitch for a while but I always shared the language that @ryan1 posted here when people had issues.

I have had two on-site stays within a 60 day window and have been able to book FPs for all days with my AP.

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Thanks. I bookmarked that in case of future problems.

Any update on how this worked for you? Have a similar situation coming up.

Nope, haven’t made any definite plans yet. Looking at fall 2020.

I wish they would up it to at least 10 days. Going with family for two weeks in January. They are getting 9 day pass. I have AP so can only do 7 days of FPP in advance. Staying off-site.

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