Annual Pass Early Park Admission

I was looking at getting a Preferred Annual Pass and was wondering (historically) in June are those level of passes usually blacked out at all for early park admission for IOA or US (if so is it the whole month or around certain days?)

I have had a preferred 3 park AP for years. There are no blackout days for early park admission at IOA and US if staying onsite. There is a blackout at Volcano Bay until 4pm each day for the summer, I think it ends mid-August.
For July, looks like preferred APs only get early admission to IOA and US July 1-5th if you are not staying onsite. I am not sure how you would find out about June.


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I’m going to assume you will be staying off-site as on-site guests get EPA as part of their hotel stay regardless if they have an AP or not.

The blackout dates adjust a little each year, but you can basically count on them being:

March - two weeks (Typically mid-march) for Spring Break

JULY - All of it

November - Thanksgiving week

Dec - The two weeks before Christmas

Yes we will be offsite. Thanks for the information about EPA I was not able to find it anywhere else broken down like that.

Since you seem to have some very detailed information I was also wondering now that the other poster mentioned there are Preferred AP late admission only (after 4pm) for Volcano Bay in the summer (they have listed now July 1st-Aug 15th) have you seen in the past June also having those late admission only?

With a “Preferred” AP you typically do not get June black out dates.

VB blackout dates for June historically are for “Seasonal” & “Power” APs

Obviously, anything could change. (That’s why I made sure to highlight my qualifiers!) This year they removed the June blackouts for the lower passes to drive business.