Annual pass Disneyland thoughts (Moving to LA for 1 year)

Hi Everyone!
I’ll be relocating to Los Angeles area for work for 1 year along with my wife, and 4 kids; ages 10, 8, 6, and 3 yrs. Our family visits Disney World yearly, but we have never been to Disneyland.
I would love to hear thoughts about the options for Annual passes for Disneyland, and pros and cons associated with the different pass levels.
Thanks in advance!


I recommend getting annual passes if you will get your money’s worth. Disneyland is just an awesome place to be and if you live close enough, you may find yourself hanging out there on weekends or just for a night out as a family or couple.

There are price matrices out there, or you can just do your own math.

SoCal select may be a good option for you if you are flexible on days and just want the cheapest pass and qualify for it.

The Flex pass has gotten rave reviews - it’s relatively cheap, has minimal blackout days, and the “reservation days” have been easy (though not guaranteed) to get.

The other levels are only worth it if you are specifically planning to go on blackout days or just don’t mind paying extra for the flexibility to go whenever you want. Almost no one would make use of the combined WDW / DL annual pass unless they are in the travel industry and cover Disney.

Also keep in mind that not everyone needs an annual pass if the only reason you want one is for discounts or other benefits. Only get one for everyone if you are using enough days to make it worth it.

Here’s an article summarizing the different types:


P.S. When I did my own math, the rule of thumb was that I needed to be going 2+ times for 3+ days each, or 5+ individual days throughout the year that wouldn’t qualify for the multiple day discount. Obviously varies by your specific fact pattern.