Annual Pass Discount

As a Annual Pass holder, I am wondering if Disney offers a discount should one decide to purchase a DDP? I currently do not have one for my present booking and find that at full price it is probably not worth the expense over paying out of pocket for us. I there is a discount that I can apply on purchase that may be a different story.

There’s not a AP discount on the dining plan, but many restaurants have a 10-20% discount for annual passholders. Those discounts are one reason I don’t get the dining plan with my AP.

You can also buy Tables in Wonderland for $150. It gives you a 20% discount on most TS meals (including alcohol ). The discount also applies in most lounges. It does add an automatic 18% gratuity .

Thank you all. This does give me direction as to what to do. Out of pocket it is.

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Good plan. There are also a good number of QS locations at Disney Springs that give an AP discount of 10% on food.