Annual Pass Card vs Mobile

So I finally pulled the trigger … after crunching the numbers for my visits to Disneyland during the next 12 months, I determined it would be more than economical to have an annual pass. For the dates I’m going, the Deluxe will do, and the Flex would be ok but since this is the first year it’s been offered, I wasn’t willing to put some of those dates to chance. So, I am now the proud holder of a Deluxe AP!!! :grin:

Anyway, so my first question (of what may turn into more later) is regarding the card that is issued the first time I go through the turnstiles. Disney’s website says I will need that card to enter in the future - is that true? Or can I enter using the electronic ticket in the app? Similarly, will I need the card to enter the FP line? To get discounts at shops and restaurants?

Thanks in advance!

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If the card is linked to your app then you’ll be able to use it for entry to park as well as scan into the FP line. The card is always, always, always, always, always needed for discounts and to pull FP old-school from the kiosks.