Annual Pass Booking Window for FP+

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We are thinking about purchasing Annual Passes and curious about FastPass Window

I know when we stay offsite, we can only get 7 days max in 30 days

But 30 days out, can we book all 7 days?

Example: On April 01, can I book 7 days of FastPasses at the same time for May 01 to May 07?

Is it similar to onsite stays when you can book 60+ length of stay or do I have to book passes every morning?

I know when you buy regular tickets, you have to book 1 day at a time if you are not staying onsite.

I can’t figure out how it works with Annual Passes.

Appreciate any help!

If you stay offsite, you have to book FPP one day at a time for 7 days. You cannot book 7 days of FPP at 30 days.


Thank you for the quick reply! I was hoping it was like onsite stays where you got 60+5 but instead it’s 30+5

One day at a time doesn’t seem to give AP the advantage that I was hoping it would

We have 18 max park days planned over the next year and I am on the fence.

The math works when comparing hopper to AP but 1 park 1 day tickets in blocks of 7, 6 and 5 for a family of 4 (2 adults / 2 little kids) a tough one

FPP reservations are tied to onsite resort stays and not Annual Pass. But the Annual Pass has other perks.

There are some offsite hotels that DO offer the onsite perk of 60+ days of FPP reservations.

Last month, we stayed at the Hilton at Bonnet Creek, which offers that perk. We made FPP reservations at 60 days for 60+8.

The 180+ days for ADR was not available for these offsite hotels. We made them all exactly at 180 days.

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We have AP and have done a couple of offsite stays. The FPP window is just thirty days.

If you are staying offsite, AP does have the extra benefit of free parking at the parks in additon to the 20% merchandise discount, dining discounts, Magic Band and the Memory Maker.

One possibility in planning for future trips is to get one AP, this way you have the free parking, the discounts and the Memory Maker. You only need one person in your party to have an AP so the rest of your party to benefit.

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