Annual Pass Benefits

I have read about AP communications. Do you get copies of the Mickey Monitor sent to your house? Are there email communications?

I get the Mickey Monitor about four times a year, I think, and yes, mailed to the house. I don’t really get many AP emails at all.

When did you get your last Mickey Monitor? I see it posted on line but I activated my AP May 3rd and I have never received it. Should I ?

Honestly I don’t remember the last one, but I do know it seemed like forever to get my first one when I first bought AP too. I would expect a cool autumnal halloweeny one to show up in the next few weeks. :ghost:

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The Mickey Monitor doesn’t seem to have any information I haven’t already heard about here or other places online. I does come out quarterly, though, and if you’re not online often, then it might be of value. Don’t think they send much else out to passholders, though.

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I am just honestly hoping for one of those AP magnets that I have heard can sometimes come with the Monitor. I figure I cannot get one if they do not have me on their mailing list!

My magnet came by itself.

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I tend in my galloping senility to repeat myself, but…

Despite having had an Annual Pass since before some of you were born, WDW repeatedly drops and re-adds me to and from their mailing list, confusing me as being in the same household as other people in town with the same last name. Whether or not I get the Mickey Monitor appears to depend on the alignment of the planets, sunspot activity, and whatever messages the ghost of Roy O. Disney delivers via a Ouija board hidden in some Glendale basement. As such, I regard it as something from myth like a Yeti or Loch Ness Monster.


Thanks, that really helps seeing I live in the Boston area with a very Irish last name. I will give up and play the lottery if one ever arrives!

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I’m being kind of flip. It probably won’t be as bad in your case. Saying other people in town with the same name is overstating it. It’s actually just my mother’s household. Before I went away to college and moved out, my Annual Pass was associated with my parents’ address. That affinity seems to have stuck, even though I haven’t lived at home in, what, 18 years? It seems as if we take turns getting the Mickey Monitor, even though we have different addresses, expiration dates, and everything.

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I have an extra magnet. I’ll put it in the mail today.

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MDU, don’t you want to hold onto it in case someone steals yours, or in case you need a handy bribe?

No. Lol. I have an extra because before Disney decided to mail me mine, I mentioned on lines that I was sad that I didn’t have one yet. A liner mailed me one of her extras and I promised to return the favor to someone else if and when I ever received one from Disney. I’m honoring my promise. :wink:


Did I see reports that people received their Mickey Monitor recently? Am I the only liner that has not?

What is the Mickey Monitor? Brand new AP holder here so I’m still learning the lingo.

It is the newsletter they send to AP holders. Although I activated on May 2 and I have never received one.

Oh, thanks. I wonder why you haven’t received it considering how long ago you activated. That’s strange.

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Yep, got mine this week!!

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I’m pretty sure I found the Mickey Monitor online somewhere, while looking at the passholder section of the MDE section of the Disney World website.

Yes, I knew the spring one never came to me because I saw it online. Thanks, I will call and see if they have my info.