Annual Pass and Rooms

I’m curious about what kind of discounts are available to AP holders for on-property resort rooms. I’ve seen sites mentioning that AP discounts can be from 10% to 35% with the larger discounts more likely offered at higher end resorts. Are discounts always available to AP holders? Do discount rates change seasonally?

I’m expecting to go in April with one group and return the following December with another. I think it might make sense to upgrade to a pass on the April trip.

Thanks for any help!

The % discount is variable, as is the availability. Sometimes one hotel may be 25% off and another 35% off in the same time frame, or whatever. Usually the discounts aren’t available until closer to the trip, no more than say 6 mos out. Usually Passholder comes out after the public discounts, but is about 10% more. Current discounts are just until Sept 30, nothing further. You can always change the rate of what you have booked, if there is a better one available. I tend to do things last minute so others may have better recollection. If you are doing 2 trips in a year, then a pass probably makes sense.

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As an example, I got a 40% AP discount off of the regular room rate for our trip in August for Summer and Early Fall. That was pretty generous, but I’ve gotten 35% discounts in the past. Some other things to consider with purchasing AP’s are: 1) Like @wildboysmom said, how many trips do you plan on taking and what is your typical length of stay, 2) Do you buy a lot of merchandise? (There is an AP discount) and 3) How much do you typically spend on food and alcohol? (Tables in Wonderland can be a cost saver if you like fine dining and drink a lot of alcohol, but I think you have to be an AP holder to purchase it.)

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