Annual Pass and FPP

If I order an annual pass now, can I upload the numbers to MDE and use to plan for FPP at 60 days out if staying onsite? I thought I read somewhere that you have to activate annual pass in park, if I purchase at Disney store, how does this work?

As soon as you buy it you can register it on MDE and use it to book FPPs. You’ll automatically have a 30 day window, and if you are staying on-site, once your first day hits 60 you can book up to 10 days.

If you need it right away pick “will call” when you buy. You can immediately link the Will Call number. I had plenty of time so I asked them to mail me a voucher. Under the bar code on the voucher there are numbers you enter into MDE. Be careful! They had my AP expiring one year after I purchased, which was three months before I activated. They fixed it, but check your dates in MDE and on your AP card.