Annual Pass 2021

Has anyone noticed that you can see a price on the MDE for annual passes now? If you click the link, it’s still say no option to purchase now. Is this something new? I don’t recall seeing a price the last time I checked.

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Really? In the app?

Yes in App-not for sale, but mine lists $439

You are Florida resident? I am DVC blue card and mine is showing that $849 price.

Thanks for posting. That is interesting.

Yes-FL prices showing on mine

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Woohoo. Thanks. Maybe we’re getting closer to fine


Would $849 be a DVC price? Maybe?

I’m still not seeing any pricing fir APs but I trust y’all are and it’s just a matter of time

Yes $849 for Gold dvc is what I paid.

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My renewal FL gold was $649

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Did that include tax?

It is usually the same price but $200 less for a renewal?

All I can find is this:

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Those are the prices I remember seeing right before they stopped selling them.

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These align with what @ppehap said


Maybe we will find out soon.

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I had a park ticket I applied to the cost so I’m actually not exactly sure how much I paid with tax.

ETA: I paid around $680ish after the ticket was applied so I’m guessing it was around $830 including taxes.

If you want to know what the previous prices were…

So allears and MouseSavers are not showing the same prices?

Allears notes their prices reflect the February 11th price increase.

$1272.68 is what I paid for my recovery pass in April 2021.

Allears does not include the tax in the non-renewal rates for some reason.